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Course 2 Take 2

Lesson 1 - Large Monogram (Lesson 52)

I am finding a few technique challenges with no videos or lessons, but they should still push your skills.  For instance, this one should tap into your skills learned about focal weight.

Lesson 2 - Bent Curved Template (Lesson 25)

This tutorial is a great chance to learn a new filter and an application for it.  Once you understand how it works, you may just find yourself using it in other creative ways.

Lesson 3 - Align & Distribute (Lesson 69)

Learn how to utilize the align and distribute tools on PSE and utilize them on a layout!  Let’s see your rows!

Lesson 4 - Turned Mat (Lesson 35)

I love this technique and should do it more often.  This technique is for stacking multiple mats (or photos) and turning them to create a focal point that brings the eye right to the photo.  I think you’re going to really like this one!

Lesson 5 - Lines for Balance (Lesson 10)

As I am working with people in Course 1 with the design principle tutorials, I realized that I needed to put this lesson near the top of Course 2.  This is one of my favorite techniques to utilize in order to create balance in difficult layouts.  It is AMAZING what just a few dots can do for your layout!  You can even use the dots to apply color so as to utilize the rule of thirds.  I do hope you enjoy and learn as much from this one as I gained from it.

Lesson 6 - Embossing (Lesson 75)

This technique can be applied to background, photos, or anywhere your imagination takes you to make that layout have texture and depth.  I rather like this one!

Lesson 7 - Fitting Pieces (Lesson 53)

This is an odd title to a technique, but it works for lack of anything better.

I really like this technique a lot.  Every time I see it in layouts, it draws my eye to it.

Lesson 8 - Dingbat (vintage) Frames (Lesson 28)

This tutorial shares one way to utilize dingbats!  You may utilize the dingbats in any way, not just for frames, to complete this lesson.  However, please do share a link to the font which you are using so that we all might find and utilize your inspiration!

Lesson 9 - Select Border (Lesson 76)

I'm sure you are wondering what "select border" could be all about.  This is a tool that is seldom used, but has so many possibilities.  In this lesson, I share more than on way to utilize this tool.  I hope to learn from you as you think creatively and share your ideas in your layouts.

Lesson 10 - Plug-ins - Actions (Lesson 68)

This tutorial should have been done long ago.  I cannot believe it is this far down in the class.  Actions are amazing!  Do enjoy!

Use an action in your layout.  If you need help finding an action, share links in the thread.  Do share a link to your action that you utilized and tell about it when you post your layout.

Lesson 11 - Clear Text (Lesson 18)

I thought we would go back to a text technique challenge.  I think you will find this one interesting and I look forward to seeing your layouts!

Lesson 12 - Inset (Lesson 60)

This is such a simple technique, but more difficult than it looks!

Lesson 13 - Fixing Exposure (Lesson 3)

We are taking a break and moving over to the “fixing photos” courses.  This is SUCH an important tutorial and I should have probably pointed you in its direction a bit earlier than now.  This tutorial on fixing exposure is often referred to as the “control L method.”  I make this quick view and move of that right slider on almost all of my photos!  It is amazing what one small thing can do for a layout.  The tutorial is more intense than just the control L method, but I do suggest that you take a moment to check out the levels of each of your photos.  It really can make them pop and bring the focal weight to the photo.

Your assignment with this tutorial is to adjust the levels in your photos in your layout.  If you have the time, sharing a before and after of your photos would be helpful to others.

Lesson 14 - Justifying Text (Lesson 21)

This is such a simple tutorial, but can make a big difference in your layout.  It is also one of those “wow, I did not know” tips!  Make a layout with justified text!  I look forward to seeing your layouts!

Lesson 15 - Advanced Selection Tutorial (Lesson 37)

With this tutorial, create a layout with an extraction or utilize the advanced techniques in any other way that may inspire you.  For instance, maybe you will make a selection and then just fill it in with the paint bucket or possibly use the border outline technique near the end of the tutorials.  Have fun!

Lesson 16 - Inked Edges (Lesson 13)

This is a fun technique that can be applied not only to text, but papers that you may cut or even photos!  It is much easier than you may think it is to ink the edges of layers.  It does take a bit to get the hang of it, but with a little practice, you’ll find you want to do this technique all the time!

I am anxious to see your layouts.

Lesson 17 - Creating a Swatch from a Photo (Lesson 61)

I realize that there have been other technique challenges for using colors from your photo, but I hope this one brings something new to you.

Lesson 18 - Drop Shadow on Border Text (Lesson 44)

This technique lesson is to utilize this tutorial for a drop shadow on border text, as well as to create a layout inspired by the techniques in my layout with absolutely no kits, papers, or elements. Get creative!

Lesson 19 - Drop Down Box with Emphasis on Journaling (Lesson 6)

I love finding new techniques for text.  Therefore, I will probably jump back and forth from a text technique to another type of technique.  This one is a very simple technique that can have a powerful impact on a layout.  Since the last lesson was so intense, I thought I would go with an easier one today.

Lesson 20 - Right Aligning Text (Lesson 45)

This is a challenge I have long ago wanted to present to you as it is something that is useful to learn as a design principle.  It is a principle to always keep in the back of your mind when applying text.  Often, scrappers never consider the impact this simple change can make.

Did you know that there are many instances when right aligning text can give balance to your layout?

Look for instances where you can line up your journaling’s edge to a photo, mat or other straight edge element, whether real or an imaginary line.  What do I mean by imaginary line?  Remember that our eye should start with the photos and travel around the page.  Often this is done be leading the eye.  Maybe there is reason to lead the eye from one element or photo to another by envisioning the line of the edge of the journaling connecting the two.


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