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Lesson 68 - Plug-ins - Actions (link to comment1)(link to comment2)(link to comment3)(link to comment4)

This tutorial should have been done long ago.  I cannot believe it is this far down in the class.  Actions are amazing!  Do enjoy!

Use an action in your layout.  If you need help finding an action, share links in the thread.  Do share a link to your action that you utilized and tell about it when you post your layout.


This video shares how to install actions in the Effects Palette on Photoshop Elements 7 - 9. (pdf)

Download PSE7 xml form file

Download PSE6 xml form file

This video shares how to utilize and install actions in the new Guided Action Player in Photoshop Elements 7.

This video shares how to create xml files for grouping actions in the Effects Palette.

This tutorial as a section regarding installing actions in Photoshop 11 (and up)

Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!





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