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Lesson 62 - Movable Shadow of an Object (link to comment 1) (link to comment 2)

A really cool effect can be had if you detach a shadow from an object and move it a distance away from the object.  You can put a drop shadow on its own layer. How?  Go see!

Tip for CS users: Layer/Layer Styles/Create Layer will take your styles for that layer and put them on a layer of their own for you to work with. This is a big advantage that PSE users do not have. 

Download my shadow

Steph at The Daily Digi invited me to share my technique and it was an honor to do so. Be sure to catch The Digi Showpodcast. Here is the show in which they discuss drop shadows.Here is Katie's recent post on The Daily Digi regarding drop shadows with links to other resources.


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