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Part 1 are the oldest sites, Part 2 are the next oldest, Part 3 the next oldest, and Parts 4 & 5 are the newest sites.

It constantly amazes me how many digital scrapbooking sites open and then close. This list is constantly changing. Many think that they can make money with this hobby only to find a struggle. The market is saturated. Accolades to those that stand the test of time.

A Cherry On Top
Creative Snaps
Designer Digitals
Digital Freebies (2005) 
KB and Friends
Peppermint Creative
Scrappers Guide
Sweet Shoppe Designs
The DigiChick
The Lilypad


Digital Scrapbooking Freebies
Melissa Bennett Designs
Pickle Berry Pop
Plain Digital Wrapper
Scrapbooks Gone Digital
Shabby Miss Jenn Designs
Something Blue Studios
Vera Lim Design
Weeds and Wildflowers Design

Creation Cassell
Ivy Scraps

Big Picture Classes
Blue Flower Art
Britt-ish Designs
CU Digitals
Digital Scrapbooking Studio
Go Digital Scrapbooking (9/3/06)
Rachaels Scrap Store
Rhonna Designs
Simply Yin Blog Store 
With Love Studio


Faith Sisters (reopened July 1, 2016)

Just Art Scrapbooking

Oh Snap Let's Scrap (opened 02.1.2016)

Pixel & Art Design (opened 01.1.2015)
Scrap Click Supply
The Digital Press (opened 11.12.2014 - designers from Pixel & Company)



We had a thread in the forum for a long time now to share when another digital scrapbooking site closes.  This list was moved to the blog, which is now closed in 2017, so I have moved it here to this website page to keep track of whenever a store is closing or opening.  Just let me know and I will update it. Here is the list of Digital Scrapbooking Sites that I have tried to keep up with since 2005.

Closed Digital Scrapbooking Sites:
5.15.2012 Digiscrap Warehouse (DSW)
5.25.2012 Atomic Cupcake (AC)
10.15.2012 ZigZag Scraps

10.15.2012 Funky Playground Designs (FPD)

11.1.2012 After 5 Designs (A5D)

11.2.2012 Scrapstreet Magazine

11.30.2012 National Designs in Scrapbooking (NISD) (ASDR will be missed)

11.30.2012 Digital Scrapbooking Den

12.17.2012 Scrappity-Do-Dah

12.17.2012 Digital Scrapn Designs

12.30.2012 Christine

12.31.2012 Scrapflower (but reopened, purchased)

2.15.2013 One Story Down (lost database, but re-opened)

2.28.2013 Divine Digitals (DD)

3.10.2013 Two Peas (digital only)

3.17.2013 Log Your Memory

3.29.2013 BrownScraps

5.3.2013 Faithsister (sabbatical; opened store 3 days in May) (reopened July 1, 2016)
5.29.2013 Scrapflower (again, owner of Mscraps owned both)

6.30.2013 Design House Digital

6.30.2013 Happy to Create

6.30.2013 Digital Scrapbooking Artisan Guild

8.30.2013 Moo Too Designs

9.10.2013 Scrapable

10.1.2013 Stuff to Scrap

11.8.2103 3Scrapateers (bought by MyMemories years ago)

12.2.2013 ScrapMatters

12.14.2013 Digiscrap Forum

12.15.2013 Scrap Wishes

3.21.2014 DigiscrapAddicts

4.9.2014  One Story Down

4.4.2014  The DigiShow (last episode)

4.21.2014 Digital-Crea (bought and still open)

5.6.2014 Michelle Bratton (
5.23.2014 Scrap Art Studio

5.23.2014 Digital Scrapbook Place (DSP) (bought by MyMemories 4.30.2014)

5.27.2014 Digiscrappers Brasil

7.4.2014 Two Peas (paper products)
7.20.2014 Heritage Scraps
7.31.2014 Blushbutter
9.12.2014 Digitals (digital scrapbook pages)

10.1.2014 Scrapable (became Scrapseeds, also closed)
12.9.2015 My Scrapbook Art
12.9.2015 Real Life Scrapped 
1.12.2015 Scrapbook-Elements
3.15.2015 Scrap Takeout
3.31.2015 Digital Scrapbook Experts
3.31.2015 Scrapbook Bytes (the first digital scrapbooking store!)
11.16.2015 MScraps

12.31.2015 Ivyscraps

When? Digital Design Essentials

When? Digital Scrapbooking Hill

When? Nuthouse Scraps

When? Professional Scrap Designs (opened 5.16.12)

When? Real Life Scrapped

When? The Creative Pixel (opened 4.30.13 - designers from DSP)

When?Smashing Scraps (opened 5.13.13 by Royanna of DD)

10/30/17 The Digi Show
11/30/17 The Daily Digi

11/30/17 Scrapbook Graphics

Here is an old note from me when this list was original posted:
It has been an illuminating view of the deterioration of the digital scrapbooking world. I remember in 2006, 2007, and 2008 how the digital scrapbooking world exploded and there were more new sites popping up than we could keep track of. Everyone thought they could make some extra money. At one time my list was over 200!  Since 2011, the decline has been steady. It is actually rather sad. Here is a list from our forum thread.  Of course, there were many more, but these are only the ones people noted in the forum.

Just a note from me.  I have been really struggling with Hummie's World too.  At the peak of the digital scrapbooking world activity, it was awesome.  At that time, I continued to make changes to the site to keep up with the growth that I could not keep up with on the site. It was all consuming! Now in the recent year and a half, I have had to continue to downsize to meet the decline.  I am happy using Flickr for our layouts and Etsy for my products.  Those were good choices to downsize.  I am determined to stay around as I love this hobby very much.  

I feel the decline has happened in the digiworld for several reasons.  First, natural supply and demand.  There were just too many stores and not all of them could be sustained.  Second, the initial excitement about the hobby has drained and people are always wanting something new.  Third, social networking has exploded and people no longer need to use forums to fulfill social needs.   Fourth, everyone wants something for free if they can get it for free and there are certainly enough free options for education and products to keep people from spending their money to support this hobby and the cost of running sites.

Things change.  We adapt.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Hummie's World financially and continue to do so on a voluntary basis.  I appreciate you more than you know!

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