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bradYou know you are addicted to digital scrapbooking when.....


1) You have kits purchased for photos you anticipate taking and look in your child's closet to find clothes that will match the kits, although you know you could just recolor the kits.

2) You see clothing in the store that matches your kits and cannot resist buying it.

3) You wake up in the morning and before you get your coffee or breakfast, you head straight to your computer to scrap.

4) You prioritize digital scrapbooking over the dirty dishes in your sink.

5) You spend hours going through digital scrapbook shops to find the perfect kit for one layout.

6) You spend hours going through digital scrapbook galleries to find the perfect layout to scraplift.

7) You have more digital scrapbook files on your computer than music files.

8) You belong to every Yahoo group associated with digital scrapbooking and spend hours reading all the e-mails.

9) You keep your own personal calendar up-to-date with all the various digital scrapbook chats you want to attend, along with notes on when the challenges are due so that you can receive your freebie for doing the challenge.

10) You stay up until 1 a.m. working on a layout to get it "just" right.

11) You sit and think about it and plan layouts in your head while waiting at the hospital.

12) When you sleep.... all you dreams are about digitally scrapping!!!

13) When every picture you get from friends, you think of scrapping them as gifts back to them.

14) You wait til your husband is snoring peacefully, then ever so quietly sneak out of bed to get your digi-scrapping fix.

15) You buy every kit that is on sale because you know that you will need it "someday."

16) You have bought so many kits on sale that you have zips that have not been unzipped (much less used) that are 2 months old!!

17) You buy an external HD just to keep all the scrapkits you've bought (and made) -- and then it is filled within 6 months. Now you're looking for a BIGGER external HD!!

18) When your husband wants to go out with some very good friends and your first thought is "noooooo, I don’t want to miss the crop."

19) When you become really blue when you cant buy colored ink to match any printers they sell!!!

20) When you see an article in the paper of a mans torso (something about health) that was done in a collage style, with different parts of him in lots of squares, and you ask your friends if you can keep the article, but not necessarily because it's a buff man, but because you want to scraplift it!

21) When you go back and take more photos to finish a layout.

22) When you are late to pick up your child because you cannot bring yourself to leave your computer.

23) When you find inspiration in the oddest places. When you watch CSI Miami and it shows a picture of Miami and the middle has a strip that is blurry and think it would look great on a scrapbook page.

24) When It is now 2:20 a.m. and you have redone those crazy layouts you posted the first time. You couldn't get them out of my gallery fast enough.

25) When you are up till the wee hours of the morning then go to bed thinking you can sleep and instead laying there and thinking about the rest of the layouts. It is ADDICTING once you get going.

26) When you work hard getting all of your digital files to CD's because you are going to be gone for 7 days and I NEED to take this stuff with you!

27) When your Granddaughter has to have a "Princess Jasmine" theme only for her birthday party because that's the only princess kit you've made! Or, she could have a Mickey/Minnie, Pooh, Tigger, or any of the others. Do you think I've gone overboard a little? Restricting the birthday theme to only the kits I have made in The Most Wonderful Place on Earth series? Nah, I didn't think so! LOL.

28) I'm so addicted I hate leaving my house for anything, I want to be at my computer all of the time. I need a laptop!!

29) When you scrapbook all day and 30 minutes before Hubby comes home--you quickly move a few things around and set out cleaning supplies on the counter to make it look like you've cleaned your house.

30) When you have pre-made pages all ready to be finalized upon the birth of your baby.

31) When you are in labor, but decide to work on your pages before going to the hospital.

32) When you spend more time looking for the perfect kit for two days than you do scrapping.

33) When you tell your husband to buy you flowers so you can have some beautiful photos to go with your beautiful papers--better yet, give up on your husband and just take the camera to the grocery store for photos of flowers.

34) When your sitting at your computer digi-scrapping and realize you have a splitting headache. You figure out it is from not eating breakfast, lunch or dinner and it is 10:30 at night.

35) When you scrap your surgery on the day it happens, while in pain.

bradThis list was made from real life activities of digital scrapbookers. Either I have done them myself or I have run into other scrapbookers who have done them.

bradPlease do e-mail me yours and I will add them to this page!

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