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Useit! Challenge


Each challenges has a download available made by me. Use it in your layout. Get creative and be inspired! Just use it! Use it simply, sophicatively, elegantly, or whacky. Just use it! Use it high or use it low. Just use it! Use it under or over. Just use it! Easy does it, easy doozes it. Just use it! Use it in, use it out, use it round about. Just use it! Use it small or use it big. Just use it! Use it natural or use it recolored. Just use it! Use it straight or use it twisted. Just use it! Use it now or you'll have missed it!

Have fun and I look forward to watching you be inspired!

I'm anxious to see how each one of you uses these elements and papers in a different way. It's so fun to see the same be different. Join in the fun and make it merrier!

Here is a fun layout by Anne-Marie. She did a personal challenge to use all the elements in Set 1.


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