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ABC Challenge

Some suggestions for an alphabet book include describing a loved one or yourself, highlighting Bible verses, making a gift book, making an educational book for little ones to study their letters, making a quote book, making an ABC seasonal theme, making an ABC recipe theme, or making an ABC holiday theme. The possibilities are endless!

Here are your layouts as inspiration on the challenges.

1. Challenge A

2. Challenge B

3. Challenge C

4. Challenge D

5. Challenge E

6. Challenge F

7. Challenge G

8. Challenge H

9. Challenge I

10. Challenge J

11. Challenge K

12. Challenge L

13. Challenge M

14. Challenge N

15. Challenge O

16. Challenge P

17. Challenge Q

18. Challenge R

19. Challenge S

20. Challenge T

21. Challenge U

22. Challenge V

23. Challenge W

24. Challenge X

25. Challenge Y

26. Challenge Z


Here is some inspiration for you. Credit for copyright given where known.

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Boy ABC List
A acrobat, action, action figures, active, activity, admirable, adorable, adventure, adventurous, agreeable, aha!, airplane, all boy, amazing, amusing, angelic?, animal cracker, animals, artwork, asleep, athlete, athletic, aunt, authentic, automobiles, awesome
B backpack, backyard, band aid, baptism, baseball, bashful, basketball, bath, bedroom, best friend, bicycle, big boy, big-hearted, bike, birthday, blue, boo-boo, book, boy, Boy Scouts, brother, brusies, buddy, bugs, building, busy
C camp, candy, cap, captivating, car, carefree, casual, cat, catcher, champion, charm, cheerful, chicken pox, child, chin, christening, Christmas, circus, cleats, clever, climbing, clothes, computer, cookies, courageous, cousins, cowboy, creativity, crew cut, critters, cuddly, curious, cute, cut-up
D daddy, daredevil, daring, delightful, determined, digging, diligent, dinosaur, dirt, dirty, doer, dog, drawings, drowsy, dump truck, dungarees, dynamic, dynamite
E eagle, earnest, Easter, easy-going, endearing, energetic, energy, enthusiasm, even-tempered, excellent, exciting, exhausted (mom??), explorer, expressive, extra special, extraordinary
F face, family, fantastic, father, favorite ____, fearless, fire truck, firecracker, fishing, foot print, football, freckles, French fries, friendly, friends, Frisbee, frog, frown, full of life, fun, funny, funny face
G gabby, games, generous, genius, gentleman, giggle, giving, gleeful, go-getter, good grade, goofy, grandparents, grimy, grin, growing, growing up, grumpy, gum, gym
H hair cut, Halloween, hamburger, hammer, hand print, handful, handsome, handstand, happy, hard hat, headstrong, helper, heritage, hero, hiding, hilarious, hobby, holiday, homework, hot wheels, hug, huggable, humorous
I I love you, ice cream, imagination, imaginative, imp, incredible, independent, industrious, innocent, inquisitive, insects, intelligent, interests, interesting, inventive, irresistible
J jacket, jack-of-all-trades, jaunty, jeans, jelly beans, joker, joyful, jubilant, jump, jungle gym, junior, junk, juvenile
K karate, keen, kidder, kin, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kinfolk, kiss, kite, kitten, knee pads, knees, knowledgeable
L lanky, laughter, lawn mower, leader, leap-frog, Legos, library, light-hearted, likable, Little League, lively, lovable, loving
M macaroni and cheese, masculine, Matchbox Cars, male, manners, McDonalds, Me!, memories, messy, mischievous, Mom, motorcycle, mowing the lawn, mud, music
N name, nap, naughty, nephew, nice, night owl, night light, Nikes, nimble, NO!, noisy, nonstop, nose, nutty
O obedient, obstinate, offspring, only child, oodles, optimistic, ordinary day, others, ouch!, outdoors, outgoing, outgrown, outspoken, outstanding, overalls,
P pack rat, painter, pajamas, parents, park, party, peanut butter, peek-a-boo, pets, pickup truck, play, playful, playground, please, pocket, precocious, presents, puddle, pull toy, puppy
Q quality, quarantine (measles, etc.), quarter, quest, question, quick, quiet, quip, quite ____, quizzical, quotation
R rain, rambunctious, rascal, ray of sunshine, reader, reliable, remarkable, risk-taker, roam, rocking horse, rodeo, rough, rowdy, rugged, running
S sassy, school, school bus, scooter, showing off, shy, siblings, silly, sister, skate board, skillful, skinned knees, sleepy-head, smart, smile, snack, snips and snails, snowball fight, soccer, somersault, special, spirited, spontaneous, stick horse, strong, stubborn, surprise, swim, swing
T talented, talkative, tall, tantrum, T-ball, teacher, team, teddy bear, teeter totter, teeth, tender-hearted, tent, terrific, Thanksgiving, thinker, ticklish, timid, tired, tireless, toddler, toes, tool box, tough, toys, tractor, train, trampoline, trick, tricycle, trophy, trouble, truck, tug-of-war, TV
U ultimate, umbrella, unbelievable, uncle, under, underwater, unforgettable, unhappy, uniform, unique, unkempt, unmistakably ____, unselfish, unusual, unwrap, upbeat, upside down
V vacation, valiant, vehicle, venture, very ____, victory, vigor, visitor, vitality, vocal, vroooomm
W wacky, wagon, walk, wet, whimsical, whirlwind, whistle, why?, wiggle worm, wild, willful, winner, wipe out!, wise, witty, wonderful, worker, wow!, wrestler
X X marks the spot, eXcavator, eXcellent, eXceptional, eXciting, eXcursion, X-ing (school crossing), Xmas, XOX (kisses and hugs), eXpert, eXplorer, x-ray, eXtraordinary, eXtra special, eXuberant, XXX (tic tac toe), xylophone
Y yawn, yell, yikes!, yonder, you did it!, young, yowling, yo-yo, yuck!, yummy
Z zany, zestful, zigzag, zillion, zip, zip-a-dee-doo-dah!, zip code, zipper, zippy, zodiac, zoo, zoom, zoophilist (one who loves animals), ZZZZZZ
Also use months, days, special events in the child's life, the name of the child and his relatives and friends, state and town you live in, street name, the child's favorite TV shows, computer games, music, etc.


Girl ABC List
A absolutely, acrobat, active, activity, actress, admirable, adorable, adventurous, agreeable, amazing, amusing, angel, angelic, animal cracker, apron, artistic, artwork, asleep, athletic, Aunt, authentic, awesome
B baby doll, backyard, ballet, band aid, baptism, Barbie, bashful, baton, beads, beautiful, bedroom, bell bottoms, beloved, best friend, big-hearted, bike, birthday, boo-boo, book, bookworm, bow, bracelet, brother, bubble bath, busy, butterfly kisses
C calico, cameo, camp, candy, canopy bed, capable, captivating, cardigan, carefree, caring, cat, charm, cheerful, cheerleader, chic, chicken pox, child, chin, chocolate, christening, Christmas, clever, climb, clothes, computer, considerate, contented, cookies, cooking, courage, cousins, creativity, crochet, cuddly, curiosity, cute
D dainty, Daisy, dancer, daredevil, daring, darling, dazzling, dear, delicate, dependable, determined, dignified, dimple, dirty, doer, dog, doll, doll house, drawing, dress, dress-up, drowsy, dungarees, dynamic, dynamite
E eager, earnest, earring, Easter, easy-going, elegant, embroidery, emotional, endearing, energetic, enjoyment, enthusiasm, especially ___, even-tempered, everything else, excellent, exercise, exciting, exhausted, explorer, expressive, extra special, extraordinary, eyelashes
F fabulous, fairest, fairy tales, family, fancy, fantastic, father, favorites, fearless, feminine, flamboyant, flirt, freckles, French fries, friendly, friends, frilly, frown, full of life, fun, funny, funny face
G gabby, games, generosity, gentle, genuine, gifted, giggle, gingham, girl, Girl Scouts, giving, gleeful, go-getter, good grade, goodbye, goofy, goose, gorgeous, graceful, gracious, grandparents, grimy, grin, growing, growing up, grumpy, gum, gymnastics,
H hair, Halloween, halo, hamburger, hand print, handstand, happy, hat, headstrong, heaven sent, helper, high heels, hilarious, hip huggers, hobby, holiday, home, homework, hopscotch, huggable, hula hoop, humorous
I I love you, ice cream cone, ideal, imagination, imp, impressive, incredible, independent, industrious, innocent, inquisitive, inspiring, intelligent, interests, interesting, intuition, inventive, irresistible
J jazzy, jeans, jelly beans, jewelry, jogger, joker, joyful, jubilant, jump rope, jungle gym, just ___, juvenile
K keepsake, kid, kidder, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kinfolk, kiss, kissable, kitchen, kite, kitten, knit, knowledgeable
L lace, laugh, leader, library, light-hearted, likable, limber, lipstick, little, lively, locket, lovable, lovely, loving, loyal
M macaroni and cheese, magical, make believe, makeup, Mama, manners, Me!, memories, messy, mirror, mischievous, modest, Mom, moments, mother's little helper, mud pies, music, music box,
N nail polish, name, nap, naughty, neat, necklace, needlework, nice, niece, nifty, night owl, nightgown, NO!, noisy, nonstop, nose, nutty
O obedient, obstinate, only child, oodles, open-hearted, optimist, orderly, ordinary day, ouch!, outfit, outgoing, outgrown, outspoken, outstanding, overalls, overjoyed
P painting, pajamas, panda, papa, paper dolls, parasol, parents, park, party, pastel, pearls, perceptive, perfection, perfume, perky, pets, petite, pink, playful, playground, playhouse, please, poised, polite, polka dot, Popsicle, precious, precocious, pre-school, pretend, pretty, puppy, purse
Q quaint, quality, quarantine (measles, etc.), quarter, queenly, question, quick, quiet, quilt, quite ___, quizzical, quote
R radiant, Raggedy Ann, ray of sunshine, reader, regal, reliable, remarkable, ribbon, rocking chair, rowdy, ruffles, running
S sassy, school, school bus, sensational, sensible, sensitive, sewing, shoes, showing off, shy, siblings, silly, sister, skillful, skirt, sleepy, smart, smile, snack, sparkle, special, spirited, spontaneous, story book, strong, sun glasses, super, surprise, sweet, swing
T tap dancing, talented, talkative, tea party, teacher, team, teddy bear, teeter totter, teeth, telephone, tender-hearted, terrific, Thanksgiving, thimble, thoughtful, tiara, ticklish, timid, tiny, tiptoe, tired, tireless, toes, toys, tradition, treasures, tricycle
U ultimate, umbrella, unbelievable, uncle, uncomplaining, unconditional, under, underneath, understanding, underwater, unforgettable, unique, unkempt, unmistakably, unselfish, unusual, unwrap, upbeat, upside down
V vacation, vanity, variety, very ___, vibrant, virtue, visitors, vitality, vivid, vixen, vocal
W wacky, walk, warm-hearted, whimsical, whine, whirl, whirlwind, whisper, why?, wiggly, wild, willful, willing, wink, winner, wise, witty, wonderful, worker, worthy, wow!, writer
X X marks the spot, xanthous (fair-haired), eXcellent, eXceptional, eXciting, X-ing (school crossing), Xmas, XOX (kisses and hugs), eXpert, eXplorer, x-ray, eXtraordinary, eXtra special, eXuberant, XXX (tic tac toe), xylophone
Y yarn, yawn, yikes!, you did it!, young, youngsters, yourself, yowling, yo-yo, yuck!, yummy
Z zany, zestful, zesty, zigzag, zillion, zip, zip-a-dee-doo-dah!, zip code, zipper, zippy, zodiac, zoo, zoom, zoophilist (one who loves animals), ZZZZZZ
Also use months, days, special events in the child's life, the name of the child and his relatives and friends, state and town you live in, street name, the child's favorite TV shows, computer games, music, etc.


Graduation ABC

Each page will have a special picture (using favorites throughout the years) along with journaling of thoughts, dreams, and wishes for him pertaining to the message on each page. The album will include lined pages with messages written by his grandparents and other friends and family members, and other poems and quotes.
Ask for what you want
Believe in yourself
Change your mind
Do what you love
Enjoy each and every day
Follow your heart's desire
Give more than you receive
Have a sense of humor
Insist on being yourself
Join in more
Kiss and make up
Love and be loved
Make new friends
Nurture your spirit
Overcome adversity
Play more
Question conformity
Reach for the stars
Speak your truth
Take personal responsibility
Understand more, judge less
Volunteer your time
Walk through fear
X-perience the moment
Yearn for grace
be Zany


Phrases for Baby Book

A - Anticipation, Awaiting the Arrival
B - Baby's Born, Birth Announcement
C - Congratulations, Cousins, Cards, Coming home
D - Doctor's Data (vital statistics, vaccinations), Dad
E - Events (news of the day)
F - Family Ties - Grandparents, Parents, Brothers and Sisters
G - Growing Up (date, age, height, weight)
H - Happy and Healthy, Hospital, Home
I - Important Firsts (teeth, words, steps)
J - Joy and Laughter
K - Keepsakes (hospital bracelet, lock of hair)
L - Labor, Likes and Dislikes (food, toys)
M - Mom, Memorable Occasions
N - Nicknames, Notable Achievements (sat alone, stood up)
O -Our Family, Out of Doors (visits, day trips, outings)
P - Parents, Pets and Pals
Q - Quotes, Questions, Quite a Mom and Dad
R -Reflections (mom and dad's thoughts), Religious events
S - Social Occasions (Baptism, christening), School Days, Smiles
T - Toys, Tales
U - Unique Talents, Ultrasound, Unforgettable Moments
V - Visits, Vacations
W - What will you be?, Who named for? Where we live, Ways you move (roll, crawl, walk)
X - Xtra Special Moments
Y - Your Family Tree, You're Special
Z -ZZZ (Lullaby and Good Night)


ABC Baby Poem

A is for angel, sent from above,
B is for baby, smothered with love,
C is for cute as cute can be
D is for diapers and changing them for me
E is for everything baby and more
F is for father walking the floor
G is for glad you are finally here
H is for hiccups that are funny and dear
I is for icky sticky messing
J is for Jesus and His blessing
K is for kisses and kindness and keep
L is for Love, so wide and deep
M is for Mommy and her loving arms
N is for Never coming to harm
O is for oat cereal and later Cheerios
P is for precious little fingers and toes
Q is for quiet, baby is sleeping
R is for relatives, always come peeping
S is for sleep, but not for your folks
T is for tub and all those long soaks
U is for unconditional as in love from your parents
V is for very active as you will soon merit
W is for wakeful, watchful and wise
X is for the Xtra special light you brought to our eyes
Y is for you - who is as bright as the sun
Z is for zest of living that you gave us, little one.


ABC listing of Disney words
A: Adventure Land
Astro Orbitor
Alice in Wonderland
Alice's Tea Party
Ariels Playgroung
Aurora (sleeping Beauty
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
A Bugs Land
Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters
Beauty and the Beast
Buzz Lightyear
Cinderella's Carousel
Country Bear Jamboree
Casey Jr Circus Train
Chip n Dale's Treehouse
Critter Country
Cinderella's castle
Captain Hook
Disneyland Railroad
Davey Crockett's Explorer Canoes
Donald's Boat
Downtown Disney
Diamond Horshoe
Dreams on Parade
Donald Duck
Dreams Do Come True
Enchanted Tiki Room
Electric Parade
Expedition Everest
Festival of the Lion King
Fairy Godmother
Future World
Goofy's Bounce House
Goofy's Barn Stormer
Honey Ishrunk the Audience
Hall of Presidents
It's a small world
Jolly Trolly
King Arthur Carousel
Mad Tea Party
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Main Street USA
Mickey's toontown
Muppet Vision
Mickey's PhilharMagic
Mickey's House
Minnie's House

Outtakes (bad pictures)
Once Upon a Time
Pirates of the Caribbean
Peter Pan's Flight
Rockin Roller Coaster
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
Space Mountain
Star Tours
Snow White's Scary Adventures
Soarin Over California
Sleeping Beauty Castle
Sword in the Stone
Snow Whites Grotto
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Swiss Family Treehouse
Tarzan's Treehouse
Tom Sawyer's Island
Tower of Terror
Triceratop Spin
Under the Sea
Up Up and Away (Dumbo)
Winnie the Pooh
Wish Upon a Star
World Showcase

Yetti (Expedition Everest)

Announcements, Adoring, Arrangements, Altar, Aisle

Bride, Bride-to-Be, Best Man, Bridesmaid, Best Friends, Balloons, Band, Bells, Bouquet, Bouquet Toss, Boutonniere, Bachelorette Party, Bachelor Party, Bridal Luncheon, Something BLUE

Church, Cake, Compromising, Candles, Catering, Champagne, Corsage, Cutting the Cake, Cold Feet, Confetti, Candelabra, Camera, Ceremony, Certificate, Cathedral, Cocktails

Dating, Dance, Decorations, Drinks, Diamond, D.J., Drunk

Engagement, Engagement Ring, Entertainment, Elope, Excitement, Elegant

Family and Friends, Forgiving, Flowers, Flower Girl, First Dance, Favors, Fun, First Toast, Formal, Father of the Bride

Groom, Guests, Gifts, Garter, Gown, Gift list, "Getting Ready!", Gold, Gloves

Honeymoon, Hugs, Hotel, Headpiece, Head Table, Happiness, Host and Hostess

Invitations, Intimacy, "I do!", In-Laws

Justice of the Peace, Jitters, Jewelry, "JUST MARRIED!", Jamming at the Reception, Jingling Bells, Joining Hands in Marriage, Jr. Bride's Maid

Kiss!, Karat(s) (gold or diamond), Keepsakes, Kneeling at the Altar, Knight in Shining Armor, Kodak Moments

Leg, Limo, Love, Lingerie, Lace, License

Maid of Honor, Marriage, Motel, Music, Matron of Honor, Memories, Minister, "Man & Wife", Mother of the Bride

Newlyweds, New Life Together, Something NEW, Nervous

Oath, Something OLD, Organist

Presents, Priest, Permit (wedding), Planning, Photographer, Photographs, Pictures, Party, Popping the Question, Pianist, Prayer, Punch

Quiet Moments, Qualms, Question (the big one)

Rings, Reception, Reservations, Rehearsal, Ribbon, Ring Bearer, Religion, Registry, Reception Line, Rice, RSVP

Shower (Wedding Shower), Songs, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Silk Stockings, "Speak Now or Forever Hold your Peace", Spiking the Punch, Season

Tuxedo, Traditions, Tuelle, Theme, Tie, Tailored Suit, Table, Tail Piece, Taffeta

Ushers, Something USED, Union, Unity Candle

Vows, Veil, Vegas (honeymoon capital), Videotaping the Wedding

Wedding, Wedding March, Wedding Party, Wedding Dress, Wedding Party Table, Walking down the Aisle, Wine, Wife

Xtra Special Day!

"YES!", Year of Marriage

Zooming Down the Aisle, Zonked (like drunk - maybe at the reception!)

*ALSO INCLUDE*: Relatives, Specific Guests, Locations, Honeymoon Specifics, etc.



The ABCs of Marriage

Absolutely adore each other

Be best friends


Discover new things together

Encourage each other

Forgive and Forget

Gaze into each other's eyes

Hold hands and hug a lot

Inspire and intrigue each other

Joke and laugh and have fun

Kiss, kiss, kiss

Love with all your hearts

Marvel at each other's talents

Nurture each other's souls

Overcome problems together

Play games

Quiet each other's fears

Remember the little things

Say "I love you" every day

Take time for tenderness

Understand and care deeply

Value everything you share

Wish on stars together

X-press your true feelings

Yearn for each other's touch

Z-zzzzz in each other's arms



Easter ABC's

(by Nora Tarlow)

A is for April, the heart of the Spring.
B is for bunnies and the Baskets they bring.
C is for Cart, with eggs piled upon it.
D is for Daisies we pick for our bonnets.
E is for Eggs, each a bright color.
F is for Family, sister and brother.
G is for Garden, hiding a treat.
H is for Hopping on quick bunny feet.
I for Indoors, after egg hunting ends.
J for the Joy we share with our friends.
K is for Kindness that makes the day bright.
L is for Lilies, lovely and white.
M is for Music we gather to play.
N is for Nest, filled with eggs the birds lay.
O for Outdoors, where we hunt by the hours.
P for the Puddles that follow a shower.
Q is for Quiet in the soft morning light.
R is for Rabbit, dressed up just right.
S is for Spring, when the world is in bloom.
T us for Tulips we place in each room.
U for Umbrella in sunshine or rain.
V is for Violets found in the lane.
W is for Water where rabbits are gliding.
X marks the spot where the eggs are hiding.
Y is for Young ones, happy at play.
Z is for Zeal as we greet Easter Day.



A appeal, applause, adventures, ancient_____, archive, attic. B bundles, barrels of_____, batches, baskets, balloon, black and blue, in brown, behind bars. C collection, cluster, connections, cuddles, cutie_____. D dump, dreams, delicious_____, designs. E everything, explorations, exploring_____, extra_____, elaborate_____, events, excitement, enterprises, enterprising_____. F fun, fluff, folly, feelings, fling, fabulous_____, favorite_____. G goodies, gems, generous_____, goofy_____, goals, green, gold. H hoards, hundreds, in a huddle, home away from home, harem, happiness. I incredible_____, ideas, insights, impressions, impossible_____, inner thoughts. J junk, jumble, jewels, journey, jamboree. K keepers, keys, kindness, kisses, kitchen, king_____. L loads of_____, laughs, laughter, long lank_____, lovely_____, Lego. M mountains, millions, mega_____, marvelous_____, miraculous_____, our miracle, machines, moods, memories, muddy_____. N nest, nonsense, necklaces. O opinions, original, outstanding, organizations, orange, operations. P piles, pillows, pearls of wisdom, projects, pink, purple_____. Q quests, quiver, quiet_____, quilt, queen_____. R relics, recollections, rummage, ridiculous_____, radical_____, red. S stuff, stacks, savings, sack, silver_____, super_____, safari, sleepy_____. T things, thoughts, tantrums, toys, top 10, travels, trials, terrific_____, troubles. U understanding_____, utterly_____, ultimate_____, uncommon, upset. V values, volumes, vacancy, violet, victory. W window, wonderful, wicked, wild, wondering, washed, white, wisdom, whimsy, winter wonderland. X Don't name your kid an X name. Y yesterdays, yahoo/yippy it's_____, yellow_____. Z zoo, zooms, zingers, zigzags, zips, zippers, zapped.



Animals A Aardvark, Abalone (Sea snail), Addax (Screw horn antelope), Adder (Snake), Agouti (South American rodent), Albatross, Alligator, Anaconda (Water boa), Anchovy, Angelfish, Ant, Anteater, Antelope, Arctic Fox, Armadillo, Avocet (wading bird) B Baboon, Badger, Bald Eagle, Barnacle, Barracuda, Bass, Bat, Bear, beaver, Bee, Bighorn (sheep), Bird, Bison, Black Widow Spider, Boa Constrictor, Bobcat, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Buzzard C Camel, Canary, Capuchin (Organ grinder monkey), Capybara (largest living rodent), Cardinal, Caribou, Cat, Catfish, Centipede, Chameleon, Cheetah, Chicken, Chimpanzee, Chinchilla, Chipmunk, Cicada, Clam, Cobra, Cockatoo, Cockroach, Conch, Condor, Coral, Coyote, Crab, Crane, Crayfish, Cricket, Crocodile, Crow D Deer, Dingo (Wild dog of Australia), Dog, Dog Fish (small type of shark), Dolphin, Donkey, Dove, Dragonfly, Duck E Eagle, Earthworm, Eel, Egret, Elephant, Emus F Falcon, Fiddler Crab, Finch, Firefly, Flamingo, Flounder, Fly, Flying squirrel, Frog, Fox G Gannet (large seabird), Garter Snake, Gazelle, Gecko (lizard), Gerbil, Giant tortoise, Gibbon (small ape), Gila monster (poisonous lizard), Giraffe, Goat, Goldfish, Goose, Gorilla, Grasshopper, Grouper (marine fish), Grouse (game bird), Guinea Pig, Gull, Guppy H Haddock, Hammerhead Shark, Hamster, Hare (longer ears and hind feet than rabbit), Hatchet fish, Hawk, Hedgehog, Hermit Crab, Heron, Hippopotamus, Hornet, Horse, Howler Monkey, Hummingbird, Hyena I Ibex (wild goat), Ibis (wading bird), Iguana, Impala (type of antelope), Inchworm (caterpillar of geometer moth) J Jackal, Jackdaw (part of crow family), Jaguar, Jay, Jellyfish, Jerboa (desert rat), Jack Rabbit K Kangaroo, Kestrel (Small falcon), Killer Whale, King Crab (Horseshoe Crab), King Snake, Kingfisher (Bird), Kissing Gourami, Kitten, Kiwi (Flightless bird), Koala, Komodo Dragon, Kookaburra (bird) L Lacewing (Insect), Ladybug, Lamprey, Lark, Lemming (Rodent), Lemur, Leopard, Lion, Lizard, Llama, Lobster, Locust, Loggerhead (Marine turtle), Lorikeet (Small Parrot), Lovebird (Small Parakeet), Lynx M Macaw, Mackerel, Magpie, Mallard (duck), Marabou (Unattractive stork), Marmoset (smallest monkey), Meerkat, Millipede, Mink, Minnow, Mockingbird, Mole, Monarch Butterfly, Mongoose, Monkey, Moose, Mouse, Mudpuppy (large Salamander), Muntjac (Small deer), Musk Ox, Muskrat, Mussel, Mynah N Narwhal, Nautilus, Needlefish, Newt, Nightingale, Nutcracker (bird), Nuthatch (bird), Nyala (Ox-like
antelope) O Ocelot
(cat family), Octopus, Opossum, Orangutan, Orb Spider, Oriole, Osprey, Ostrich, Otter, Owl, Oyster, Ox P Pica (large rodent), Panda Bear, Pangolin (scaly anteater), Parakeet, Parrot, Partridge, Peacock, Peccary (similar to a wild pig), Pelican, Penguin, Perch, Peregrine (large falcon), Pheasant, Pig, Pilot Whale, Piranha, Platypus, Polar Bear, Polecat, Porcupine, Porpoise, Prairie dog, Prawn, Proboscis Monkey, Pronghorn, Pudu (smallest deer), Puffer (fish), Puffin (bird), Puma (Cougar or Mountain Lion), Python, Pigeon Q Quail, Quarter horse, Quetzal (bird), Quokka (small kangaroo), R Rabbit, Raccoon, Ram, Rat, Rattlesnake, Raven, Ray, Red deer, Red fox, Reindeer, Rhesus Monkey, Rhinoceros, Roach, Roadrunner (bird), Roe deer S Sailfish, Salamander, Salmon, Sand Dollar, Sandpiper (bird), Scallop, Scorpion, Sea Anemone, Sea Cucumber, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Sea Otter, Sea Urchin, Seal, Shark, Shrew, Shrimp, Skink (lizard), Skunk, Sloth, Snail, Snake, Snapper, Sparrow, Sperm Whale, Spider, Spider Monkey, Sponge, Spoonbill (wading bird), Springbok (gazelle), Squid, Squirrel, Starfish, Stingray, Stork, Swan, Swallow T Tamarin (primitive monkey), Tanager (bird), Tapir, Tarantula, Tarpon (game fish), Tasmanian Devil, Teal (small duck), Tern (sea bird), Thrush (bird), Tiger, Toucan, Tree frog, Trout, Tuna, Turkey, Turtle U Uakari (South American Monkey), Urchin (sea) V Vampire Bat, Vervet Monkey, Vicuna (Smallest camel), Viperfish, Viscacha (Related to chinchilla), Vole, Vulture W Wallaby (kangaroo-like Marsupial), Walrus, Warthog, Wasp, Weasel, Whale, Whelk, Wild boar, Wolf, Wolverine, Wombat, Woodpecker, Worm, Wren, Wildebeest, Walleye X Xiphias gladius (Swordfish), X-ray fish (transparent body), Xyloryctes beetle (Rhinoceros of scarab beetle) Y Yak, Yellow-hammer (bird), Yellow-jacket Wasp, Yellow shafted Flicker (Alabama State bird - type of woodpecker), Yellow fin Tuna Z Zander (sport fish), Zebra, Zebu (Brahman cattle), Zorille (resembles a skunk)



Disney A Absent Minded Professor, Aladdin, Alice In Wonderland, ANDY(Toystory), Animal Kingdom, Aristocats, Ariel, Atlantis, Aurora (Princess in Sleeping Beauty) B Babe the Big Blue Ox (from Paul Bunion), Bambi, Baloo (Jungle Book), Baggira (Jungle Book), Bashful, Basil, Bear Necessities, Beauty & the Beast, Bed knobs & Broomsticks, Belle, Beast, Bernard & Bianca (Rescuers), The Big Bad Wolf, The Black Cauldron, The Black Hole, Brom Bones (Ichabod & Mr. Toad), A Bugs Life, Paul Bunion, Buzz Lightyear C Captain Hook, *Chip* & Dale, Christopher Robin, Cinderella, Circus Bugs, Clowns, Crows, Cruella De Ville D Daisy Duck, Chip & *Dale*, 101 Dalmatians, The Devil's Eye, Dewey, Dumbo, Doc, Donald Duck, Dopey, Dory, Duchess, Dumbo E Esmerelda(Hunchback of Notra Dom), Epcot, Eeyore, Eric (Little Mermaid), Enchanted Christmas, Electrical Parade, Evil Queen F Fairy Godmother, Fairy Aunts(Merryweather, Flora, Fauna-Sleeping Beauty), Fantasia, Flik, Flower, Flubber, Fox & the Hound, Freaky Friday G Gaston, The Genie, Gepetto, Girgi, Glass Slipper, Goofy, Grandmother Willow, Great Mouse Detective, Grumpy, Gusgus H Hades (From Hercules), "Hakuna Matata" (Lion King), Happy (Dwarf), Hercules, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Hopper, The Horned King, Huey, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hundred Acre Wood, Hyenas I Ice-age, Ichabod & Mr. Toad, Ichabod Crane, Inspector Gadget, It's a Small World J Jafar, James & the Giant Peach, Jane (Tarzan), Princess Jasmine, Jiminy Cricket, Jungle (Tarzan), The Jungle Book, Jungle Drums K Kaa (Robinhood), Kanga (Winnie the Pooh), The King, King Herbert, King of the Jungle (Tarzan), King Stephen, King Triton, Kites L Lady, Lady and the Tramp, Lilo, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Louie, The Love Bug M Madeline, Madame Medusa, Magic Rose, Marlin, Mary Poppins, Meg (From Hercules), Megara, Melody Time, Merlin Mickey Mouse, Mike Wizouski, Minnie Mouse, Monstro(whale in Pinocchio), Monstropolis, Mowgli, Mufasa, Mulan, Mushu N Nala, Neverland, Niggie (From Hurcules), Nimo O Old Yeller, Oliver & Company, Oswald, Orphicles (From Hurcules), Owl P The Parent Trap, Peter Pan, Paul Bunion, Penny(Rescuers), Pete, Pluto, Phil (From Hercules), Piglet, Pinocchio, Pocohantas, Prince and the Pauper, Prince Charming, Prince Phillip, Prince John, Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Princess Jasmine, Pumbaa, Mrs. Potts, Three Pigs Q Quasimoto, Queen of Hearts, R Rafiki, Rabit, Ratcliffe, Ratigan, The Rescuers/ Down Under, Rex (Toystory), Robin Hood, Roo S Scar, Sea Witch, Sebastian, Simba, Sir Hiss, Sleeping Beauty, Sleepy, Sneezy, Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, Mr.Sneed, Song of the South, Spinning Wheel, Stitch, Sully, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Swiss Family Robinson, Sword In the Stone T Tarzan, Thinking Spot, Three Little Pigs, Thumper, Tigger, Timone, Titanoids, The Tortoise & the Hare, Toy Story, The Tramp, Treasure Island, Tron U Umbrella (Mary Poppins), 2000 Leagues *Under* the Sea, Ursula, Uncle Scrooge, Song: Under the Sea V Vacation At Disney World/Land, Voyage of the Little Mermaid W Winnie the Pooh, Woody, Wendy, Walt Disney, Wicked Stepmother, White Rabbit (From Alice & Wonderland) X Excellent Disney Movies!, X-Tra Special Cuz It'S Disney! Y Young Tarzan, Yippee For Disney!, Yeller Z Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah!, Zazu (Lion King), Zorro, Zurg



Wedding A Adorable, Adoring, Aisle, Altar,"All dressed in white", Announcements, Arrangements, Asscot B Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Balloons, Band, Bells, Best Friends, Best Man, The Best Man's Toast, Boutonniere, Bouquet, Bouquet Toss, Bow Tie, Brake the glass, Bridal Luncheon, Bridal Party, Bridal Salon, Bride, Bride-to-Be, Bridesmaid, Something BLUE C Cake, Camera, Candles, Candelabra, Catering, Cathedral, Ceremony, Certificate, Champagne, "Cheers", Chuppah (Canopy), Church, Circling, Cocktails, Cold Feet, Communion, Commitment, Compromising, Confetti, Corsage, Cuff links, Cumber bun, Cutting the Cake D Dance, Dating, Decorations, Diamond, D.J., The Dress, Dressing, Drinks, Drunk E Elegant, Elope, Engagement, Engagement Ring, Entertainment, Envelopes, Excitement F Family and Friends, Festive Fall, Forever, Forgiving, Flowers, Flower Girl, First Dance, Favors, Fun, First Toast, Formal, Father of the Bride G Garter, "Getting Ready!", Gift list, Gifts, Gloves, Gold, Gown, Groom, Guests, Guest Book H Happiness, Happily Ever After, Headpiece, Head Table, "Here Comes the Bride", Honeymoon, Host and Hostess, Hotel, Hugs I Invitations, Intimacy, "I do!", In-Laws J Jamming at the Reception, Jewelry, Jingling Bells, Jitters, Joining Hands in Marriage, Jr. Bride's Maid, June Bride/Wedding, "JUST MARRIED!", Justice of the Peace K
Karat(s) (gold or diamond), Keepsakes, The Ketubah, The Kiss!, Kneeling at the Altar, Knight in Shining Armor, Kodak Moments L Lace, Leg, Limo, License, "L'chai-im,l'chai-im,to life!", Lingerie, Love M Maid of Honor, "Man & Wife", Marriage, Mass, Matron of Honor, Mazel Tov, Memories, Minister, Motel, Mother of the Bride, Music N Nervous, Newlyweds, New Life Together, Niagara Falls, Something NEW O Oath, Organist, Something OLD, "Oh Promise Me" P Party, Permit (wedding), Photographer, Photographs, Pianist, Pictures, Planning, Popping the Question, Presents, Priest, Prayer, Punch Q Popping the Question, Qualms, Quiet Moments, Quiet Reflection(mirror shot) R Rabbi, Receiving Line, Reception, Registry, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, Religion, Reservations, Ribbon, Rice, Ring Bearer, Rings, Ringing the Bells, Ring Pillow, RSVP S Season, Shower (Wedding Shower), Silk Stockings, Soloist, Something Blue, Something Borrowed, Something New, Something Old, Songs, "Speak Now or Forever Hold your Peace", Spiking the Punch, Spring Beginnings, A Spring Start, Stain glass, Summer Splendor T Table, Taffeta, Tailored Suit, Tails, Thank you notes, Theme, Tie, Toast the Happy Coulpe, Traditions, Train, Tulle, Tuxedo, "Two Hands One Heart" U Union, Unity Candle, Ushers, Understated Beauty V Vase of Flowers, Vegas (honeymoon capital), Veil, Vest, Videotaping, Vows W Walking down the Aisle, Wedding, Wedding Dress/Gowned, Wedding March, Wedding Party, Wedding Party Table, "The Wedding Song"-Paul Stokey, "We've Only Just Begun"-Paul Williams and Roger Nichols, White lace, Wife, Wine, Winter Wedding X X girlfriends/boyfriends (they came to my wedding), Xtra Special Day! Y Many Years together, "YES, I will marry you!", Year of Marriage, Yichud
(Seclusion) Z Zooming Down the Aisle, Zonked (drunk at the reception!)




A is for abracadabra, a magic word I know.
B is for those friendly bats all hanging in a row.
C is for the cauldron that's bubbling on the fire.
D's for dark and dismal, two words that I admire.
E is for the electric chair, my very favorite seat.
F's for Friday the thirteenth, a date that can't be beat.
G's for ghosts and goblins, each night here they hold sway.
H is for Halloween, my very favorite day.
I is for inhuman like a demon or a ghoul.
J's for Jack the ripper, I knew him all through school.
K is for our kitten, who prowls around at night.
L's for flashing lightning, oh what a pretty sight.
M is for the Munsters, a fun group one and all.
N is for the night time, when creatures creep and crawl.
O is for the owl, who lives in our tree top.
P's for poison ivy, we've grown a lovely crop.
Q is for our quicksand, step in and be our guest.
R is for the raven, who makes our clock his nest.
S is for skeletons, whose eyes stare into space.
T's for Transylvania, my very favorite place.
U is for the undertaker, a friend who'll let you down.
V is for vampires, and there's just a few in town.
W is for witches, on broomsticks they will go.
X - x marks the Spot, that's Eddie's pet you know.
Y is for our yard out back, a place I dig the most.
Z is for a zombie, second cousin to a ghost.



The ABC's of Christmas

A is for Angels with halos so bright,
whose carols were heard on the first Christmas night.
B is for Baby, the Christ child so dear.
We celebrate His birthday with Christmas each year.
C is for candles that so brightly shine.
To give a warm welcome to your friends and mine.
D is for Dollies, Drums and such toys,
which Santa leaves for good girls and boys.
E is for Evergreen garlands galore,
we hang at our windows, fireplace and door.
F is for Firewood that lay,
to spark up warm and cozy on a cold Christmas day.
G is for Greetings, a merry Hello,
with a heart full of love for people we know.
H is for Holly with berries so red,
to make into wreathes that hang overhead.
I is for Ice and snow covered hills.
Where sledding is fun along with some spills.
J is for Jingle Bells merrily ringing,
to the whole world, joy they are bringing.
K is for Kris Kringle as merrily he stands,
that's what they call Santa in some other lands.
L is for Lanterns. I'm sure they will light.
Helped Mary and Joseph on that first Christmas night.
M is for Mistletoe. Hang it up high.
You may get a kiss as someone walks by.
N is for Noel. The Angels did sing,
to herald the birth of Jesus our King.
O is for Ornaments we hang on the tree,
to sparkle and shine so Santa can see
P is for Presents, packages, and bags.
All round the tree wrapped in bright paper and tags.
Q is for Quiet Christmas Eve night,
with dreams of presents and sugarplums in sight.
R is for Rudolf with the red nose.
The favorite Reindeer that Santa Claus chose.
S is for Shepherds who first saw the star,
over Bethlehem's manger and followed it far.
T is for Trees, decorated all silver and shiny,
with white lights all twinkling and tiny.
U is for Universe, the whole wide world.
And Christmas brings joy to each boy and girl.
V is for Visions of Santa so jolly,
bringing trains, planes and a brand new dolly.
W is for Wise men who brought gifts so rare,
and fell down to worshipped the Christ child there.
X is for extra time and money given too,
volunteers as they work to help dreams come true Y is for the Yule Logs whose bright sparks fly high,
and give a warm welcome to friends passing by.

Z is the last of the letters and yet
it's the only one in the whole alphabet
that doesn't stand for something you see
and usually find on the Christmas tree.
But as Santa would say as he drove out of sight,



Winnie the Pooh

A is for all the adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh B is for bounces from Tigger C is for Christopher Robin and his friends D is for digging dirt in Rabbit's garden E is for Eeyore, a very sad gray donkey F is for Friends like Pooh and Piglet G is for Gopher -he'ssss not in the book you know!
H is for the Hundred Acre Woods, or Honey, Pooh's favorite food.
I is for the ice cream at Pooh's and Piglet's Hero party.
J is for jumping with Roo and Tigger
K is for Kanga and Little Roo
L is for a LOST donkey's tail
M is for the mess Tigger usually makes of everything.
N is for napping on a hot summer day.
O is for Owl who has the wisdom of the ages.
P is for Pooh and Piglet, together through thick and thin Q is for a comfy quilt for Piglet R is for Rabbit. "Why me? Why does it always happen to me?"
S is for Gopher's SSSSasafras tea and SSSSsummer SSSsquach T is for Tigger is spelled: T I double G ER U is for being under Christopher Robin's big umbrella "Tut, tut it looks like rain."
V is for vegetables in Rabbit's garden
W is for Watching out for Effalumps and Woozles X marks the spot where Pooh lives. We always begin there.
Y is for the red yarn Kanga used for Roo's sweater Z is for zooming the only speed tigger knows.



Birthday and Party ABC List

(Nancy W-S)

A - all..., appreciation, age ___
B - blow, birthday, balloons, brother, bang C - candles, cake, cards, celebrate, celebration, candy, camera, color D - dad, day, daughter, dance, dancing, dessert, decorations E - eating, enjoy, exciting, excitement, everyone, everything F - favors, friends, fun, family, food G - gifts, games, guests H - hats, happy, heart, hugs, hear, having fun I - ice cream, I..., icing, irresistible, invitation J - joy, joyful, juice K - kids, keepsake, kiss, L - laugh, love, loud M - mom, meal, milk, music, memories N - name, nice, noise O - open presents, only P - presents, party, punch, pictures, photos, play, playing Q - quite...(a party, a day, etc.) R - ribbon, reading cards, remember S - sister, surprise, smell, smile, see, snacks T - toys, taste, touch, thank you, together, treats U - unforgettable, us, unusual, unique, unwrap V - very..., W - wrapping paper, welcome, we X - x-tra (special, etc.), XXXX (kisses) Y - your..., you are...
Z - zest, zzz's (all tuckered out), zip-a-dee-doo-dah!, zowie!

NOTE: Also use:
birth date (day, month, year); Zodiac sign, birthplace (city, county, state, country); party food; flavors (cake and ice cream) (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc.); game and activity names; colors (balloons, decorations, packages, etc.); theme (Disney, cowboy, movie, music, etc.) names (guests, family, pets); location (park, home, amusement park) numbers (party guests, age, gifts); time



A Child's ABC Prayer

(Lisa Summerour copyright 2002)

All little children should
Brush their teeth, and
Clean behind their ears.

Do their homework
Everyday and be
Faithful with their chores.

Generosity is rewarded -
How nice to give rather than receive
In time good things return to you -
Just try it and you will see.

Kind deeds don't go unnoticed, so
Lend a helping hand.
May you spread your smile
Near and far - and show joy to all the land.

Open your heart up "Oh, so wide!"
Pouring out love each day.
Quite surely you will feel love to, when it Returns to head your way.

Some days there will be sunshine,
Thunder and lighting will happen too. But, Underneath God's great umbrella a Victory waits for you.

We are all His little children, made
eXactly as we should be
You have all you need to
Zoom along - and be the best you that you can be!


Soccer ABCs
A - all-star, athlete, ability, AYSO, advantage rule, assist, APSL, attacking team, air-mail, ambitious ball, away, all ball B - ball, believe in yourself, best, back, back tackle, ball carrier, breakaway, back of square, balance, blind side, ballside C - coaches, crowds, champion, center, center circle, central defender, charge, chest trap, chip pass, chip shot, clear, cleats, consolation match, corner area, counterattack, creating space, cross pass, cut off D - defense, dedication, determination, defenders, defensemen, defensive mid-fielder, deflection, draw, dribbling, drop ball, drop kick E - excitement, energy, everyone plays, endline, earn your shirt, empty net, equipment F - fans, field, forward, flag, foul, forward, fake, feint, far post, foot trap, forward pass, formation, free kick, front tackle, funnel, far and wide G - goal, goalie, games, glory, gloves, goalkeeper, goal area, goalposts, goal line H - home team, halfback, Hooray, halftime, hand ball, hat trick, hacking, header, help, hustle I - I love soccer, incredible, ice pack, injury, in bounds, in play, indirect free kick, instep drive, intermission J - juggling, jersey, jockeying K - kick, keeper, kickoff, karaoke, killer pass, kick and run L - losses, league, lead pass, linesmen, linkmen, loft, lob, leave it, long ball M - memories, mud, mid-fielder, marking, match, midfield anchor, midfield line, MSL, move, mine, man on N - noise, net, NASL, near post, MPSL, numbers up, numbers down O - offense, overtime, opponents, offsides, offside position, on-side, open, out of bounds, out of play, outlet passes, obstruction, officials, overlap P - parents, players, practice, Pele, passing, penalty, penalty area, penatly shot, playoff, points, push pass Q - never quit, quick R - running, referees, receiver, red card, regulation game, round, recovery, reverse the field S - score, stadium, soccer ball, shin guard, socks, save, shielding, shooting, shot, shutout, side tackle, sideline, single elimination, sliding tackle, square pass, starter, steal, stopper, striker, sweeper T - team, teamwork, tie, tired, tournament, trophy, tackling, territory, thigh trap, through pass, throw-in, tie-breaker, timekeeper, timeout, trailing, trap, turnover U - uniform, unity, unforgettable, USSF, USYSA, upper V, unlucky, under the ball V - victory, valiant, very___, volley, venue, vision
W- watching, winning, whistle, wall, wall pass, wings, wingers, World Cup X - x-citement, x-hileration Y - yelling, yard-line, yellow card Z - zzz's(after a game), zest, zigzag, zone, zone defence


ABC Scrapper Blessing
May all your pages be acid free
With blessing bestowed
From A to Z!

May all your colors be Bright and Bold
Beautiful and blessed beyond all you know!
May Carols that gently filled your ears
Linger in your heart to bless your year.

May your cardstock be appropriate
To the occasion you're scrapping
And may you find time to create Diecuts
While the children are napping!

May your edges be even
And your Fiskars sharp as new
Cooperating gently on
Each page that you do!

May your Glue always stick
And you stickers stay sticky
May you never complete
A page that is icky!

May your Hermafix
Never be a frustration
And may you be able to enjoy
Each scrapping situation!

May Ideas flood your brain
And be Journaled with care
And Keepsakes be stashed
With the epitome of flare!

May your Lettering be delightful
Your fonts stylish and true
And your pages be perfect
To tell folks of you!

May your Memories come flooding
Back to your heart
As you make each page
Into a work of art.

Never look back
To negate what you've done
Enjoy each Opportunity presented
To share your memories with fun.

May your ovals be perfect
And your rectangles right on~
And your Pictures perfection
Making you burst into song!

May your quilt pages be treasured
And look sweetly homespun
And your Rub-Ons stay put
When the rubbing is done.

May your Shoebox of photos
Soon dwindle in size
And your Treasury of Albums
Bring admiring sighs

May your Undo work quickly
Your mistakes be gently healed
And your Wishlist of supplies
Be lovingly filled.

May your Xyron work perfectly
And your Youngsters be cute
As you Zestfully complete albums
And chat and compute!



Cruise ABC's

A: arriving, attendant, Alaska, airplane, airport, anchor
B: beauty, boat, banquet, Bermuda, bow, bridge (ship's or otherwise)
C: cruising, captain, cabin, crew, crowd, coral, Caribbean, casino
D: diving, dining, deck, dock, dancing
E: excitement, eating, entertainer, entertainment, exercise
F: friends, food, fish, fishing, flowers
G: gulls, galley, gangplank
H: hike, Hawaii, horizon, hotel
I: island, ice
J: joking around, jellyfish, Jamaica
K: kids (yours or others'), Kauai
L: lizards, luggage, lounge chair, lei, lifeboat, lanai
M: marine life, moonlight, money, Maui, midnight buffet
N: navigating, night life, nautical
O: overboard, ocean, Oahu
P: plaits (hair braiding), purser, porthole, paradise, plank, port, ports of
call, pool
Q: quite a (day...view...meal.. etc.), quiet, queasy (rough seas!)
R: relax, rest, rum, ride, read, recline, rod and reel, R&R, romance, reef
S: spectacular, shopping, ship, sailing, sun, swimming, sea, snorkeling,
scuba, sightseeing, surf, surfing
T: tropical, tropics, tango, tickets
U: under the sea, umbrella, unusual places
V: view, voyage, volcano, vacation
W: wind surfing, window, wave, waving, wish you were here
X: eXploring, eXcellent
Y: Yummy
Z: Zzzzz (napping, sleeping, sunset, sunrise, e.g.,)

ALSO: Use people's names and places. If the Young's were your table mates,
make that your Y page.
If you're doing an 8x10 album, you will generally use only one word or
concept per letter,
like on the "Yummy" page, including all eating photos.



All I want to say is that you've
Been one of the most
Considerate people I could ever wish to know.
During good times or bad,
Everyone knows that you are
Faithful in your desire to do
Good things and to share good, positives thoughts.
Heaven must have sent you, and
I am forever grateful. You are a
Jewel of a person, full of
Kindness and fun. You're a great
Listener and sharer of wisdom.
Many a time I've leaned on you for support. How Nice to have such a friend.
Oh, what a wonderful place you make my world.
Please know how much you are appreciated. It's Quite a blessing to share these feelings with you. How Refreshing to have this album to remind you again and again, that Somebody like me Thinks somebody like you is Unique and deserving of such a heartfelt token of love.
Verily I say unto you, it's because of the Wonderful things that make you, YOU! If Xerox could copy you . . . I'd try to get two of you.
You'd be able to double the joy that you bring.
Well, that's how I feel, I think you are the best.
and I could go on and on about your Zeal and your Zest!



Pregnancy ABCs

A – All about us (family), Alterations
B – Baby stuff, Big changes
C – Changes, Charts (measurements, etc.) D – Doctor's appointments or Daddy E – Expanding F – First photos or Food cravings or Family G – Grandparents H – Happy I – Information (journaling on how I feel), Ideas (for nursery, etc.) J – Journaling, Joy, Just us K – Kidding around L – Love, Lamaze M – Mommy, Maternity N – New beginnings, Nursery O – Our family P – Pregnant, Prenatal checks Q – Quiet time, Quest (looking for things for baby) R – Recreation S – Showers T – Toys U – Ultrasound V – Vacations (last ones for a while) W – We (Mom and Dad together) X – Xtra special times Y – You (thoughts about baby) Z – Zzzs (Mom rests up)



Father's Day ABC Album

A is for adorable, as you can see
B is for baseball, hey Dad look at me!
C is for comfy, I'll sleep anywhere
D is for daring, hop on board if you care E and F are for extraordinarily fast, I've got your quick feet.
G is for growing, I'll be 7 feet.
H is for happy, I'm in a great mood
I and J are for intelligent and jolly, these traits I exude!
K is for kind-hearted, you are my best friend L is for loving, my love I do send M is for messy, look out here I come N is for nimble, lets hope I don't fall on my bum!
O and P are for outstanding pizza, our favorite food Q and R are for quiet reading, it creates a good mood S is for super-heroes, you are mine T is for treats, they are divine U and V are for unfailing valor, my princess I'll save!
W is for witty, and yes! I am brave!
X is for extra-special
Y is for youthful
Z is for zippy, that's you and me!



Scouting ABC list

A – appreciative, able, amiable, alumnae, adventures, arts and crafts, archery, awards, advancement B – be prepared, bridging, badges, bedrolls, boots, bug juice, back pack, barbecue, bike rodeo C – camping, crafts, compass, Court of Honor, canteen, courtesy, caring, community, ceremony, character, colors, (troop or patrol) crest, camp fire, camp stove. canoe, council, camp stool, cot D – day camp, Dutch ovens, ditty bag, dunking bag, dads, dedicated, dance, discovery, dues E – exploring, exercise, ecology, eager, earnest, 'earn it,' exciting, empowered, energized F – fly-up, flag, flag ceremony, fire building, fun, friends, friendship, fair, first-aid, first-class, fleur-de-lis, fishing, fund-raising, fitness, future, freedom, festival G – good sports, good deeds, games, gadgets, green, Gorp, generations, good will, giving H – handshake, hints, heroines, heroes, history, hiking, hiking stick, honor, helpful, hello, honest, hobo dinner, high adventures, historian, honor guard, handbook, hobbies, humor I – insignia, international, interests, interesting, insects, information, individual, ideas, identity J – jolly, jump, Jamboree, Jubilee, journal, join, jargon K – knots, Kaper charts, kind, kindness, kids, knife, kayak, knowledge L – leaders, laws, lashing, leadership, Lummi sticks, latrine, lantern, leather crafts, loyalty, laughter M – meetings, make new friends, motto, mascots, marshmallows, moms, mess kit, mosquito netting, music, metal work, membership, manners, math N – nurturing, nature, nutrition, (troop) number, neckerchief, novice, neighborhood O – oath, opportunity, orienteering, overnights, outdoors, organization, official, original P – pledge, promise, politeness, parents, Post the Colors, pocket knife, patches, projects, popcorn, patrol, pins, proud, protocol, processional, progress Q – quiet sign, quilts, questions, quick, quality time, quinzhee (snow hut) R – recycling, rededication, rowing, reverent, rafting, rank, rope, regatta, recognition, respect S – sashes, s'mores, singing, songs, scout sign, sit-upon, service projects, silly songs, swimming, sleeping bag, snow, survival, summer camp, sash, sharing, science, succeed, stories T – tents, troop, trips, travel, trefoil, training, trustworthy, Taps, tradition, triumph, treats U – uniforms, unit, under the stars, understanding, unforgettable, unique V – vests, ad-Venture, volunteers, vows, victory, virtue, variety, vision W – worlds to explore, woods, wild animals, water fun, writing, winner, walking, wisdom X – X-tra special, X-illerating, X-citing, X-tra fun, X-pect the best Y – you, youth, yelling. yurt (skin tent), yourself Z – zoo visits, zzzzzz, zany, zeal, zest, zealous



Expectant Mothers ABC Album

A Anticipation
B Boy or Girl?
C Coming Soon
D Delivery
E Exhaustion
F Footprints
G Giddy Grandparents
H Happy Holidays
I Important Info
J Joyous Moments
K Kissin' Kin
L Look at Me!
M Medical Staff
N Nifty Nursery
O Outrageous Outings
P Proud Parents
Q Quiet Time
R Religious Events
S Splish Splash
T Tiny Bubbles
U Unbelievable smile
V Visitors
W Welcome Home
X Xtra Special Moments
Y You've got mail!
Z Zzzzzz'



ABC ALBUM Character traits

Create an ABC album of character traits to pay tribute to a child, mentor or friend, as a gift, or just because.

A Accomplished, Admirable, Adventurous, Adorable, Athletic, Attractive, Active, Agile, Artistic, Amiable, Amazing, Ambitious, Amusing, Awesome B Bubbly, Bashful, Beautiful, Bright, Beloved, Bouncy, Bold, Becoming, Brilliant, Busy C Cute, Childlike, Creative, Classic, Cuddly, Cultured, Classy, Compassionate, Charismatic, Courteous, Considerate, Cordial, Caring, Charming, Cheerful, Courageous D Diverse, Darling, Dedicated, Dynamic, Dainty, Daring, Debonair, Delicate, Dependable, Determined, E Ethical, Elegant, Energetic, Exquisite, Effervescent, Eager, Earnest, Easy-going, Eccentric, Encouraging, Engaging, Enjoyable, Enthusiastic, Extraordinary F Funny, Friendly, Family-oriented, Fast, Fun, Focused, Fair, Flashy, Fashionable, Fantastic, Fearless, Flamboyant G Good, Giggly, Goofy, Good-humored, Good-natured, Gracious, Generous, Gentle, Gabby, Gentile, Genuine, Gifted, Glamorous, Growing H Handy, Happy, Headstrong, Hopeful, Huggable, Humorous, Honest, Honeybunch, Humble, Humane I Intelligent, Ingenious, Imaginative, Important, Incredible, Independent, Industrious, Innocent, Inquisitive, Insistent, Interesting, Irresistible J Jolly, Jovial, Joyous, Jazzy, Joker, Jubilant K Kicky, Kind, Keen, Kind-hearted, Knock-out, Knowledgeable, Kooky, L Loyal, Lively, Loved, Loving, Ladylike, Leader, Likable, Limber Lovable M Muscular, Meek, Mild-mannered, Mannered, Musical, Magical, Magnificent, Marvelous, Messy, Mischievous, Mysterious N Nice, Nimble, Nutty, Noble, Naughty, Notorious O Objective, Obliging, Observant, Obsessed, Obedient, Optimistic, Open-hearted, Open-minded, Organized, Outgoing, Outrageous, Outspoken, Outstanding P Pretty, Precious, Popular, Patriotic, Polite, Patient, Peaceful, Perceptive, Persistent, Persuasive, Playful, Pleasant, Polite, Pretty, Punctual Q Quirky, Quiet, Quick, Quizzical R Religious, Rugged, Radiant, Reasonable, Refreshing, Reliable, Remarkable, Resourceful, Respectful, Rewarding S Smart, Serious, Shy, Studious, Strong, Spirited, Spiritual, Sexy, Snuggly, Sophisticated, Sharp, Saucy, Self-assured, Sensible, Sensitive, Sentimental, Sincere, Skillful, Special, Spontaneous, Strong T Tiny, Talkative, Thoughtful, Truthful, Talented, Tenacious, Thankful, Ticklish, Timid, Tireless, Trustworthy U Unique, Unfailing, Upbeat, Unbelievable, Uninhibited, Unusual V Vivacious, Vigorous, Valuable, Vibrant, Vigorous, Vulnerable W Wise, Warm, Whimsical, Wild, Wacky, Warm-hearted, Welcoming, Willful, Witty, Wonderful X Xtra special, eXtraordinary, eXcellent, eXciting, eXpressive, eXuberant, eXquisite Y Young, Youthful, Yakkity, Yummy Z Zesty, Zany, Zealous, Zingy, Zippy



Christmas ABCs

Everyone celebrates Christmas a little differently. Be sure to include special foods, places and celebrations in an ABC album about your family's traditions.
A A Christmas Carol, Away in a Manager, Advent, Angels, Adeste Fideles, All I want for Christmas is . . . Angels we have heard on high, Angelfood candy, Animals, Annunciation, Aunts, Anticipation, B Blitzen, Birth of the Jesus, Bah humbug, Bells, Bell-ringers (for the Salvation Army), Baking Christmas Cookies, Building a Snowman, Baby's first, Bundled up, C Comet, Cupid, Christmas Tree, Cookies, Caramels, Caroling, Carol of the Bells, Christ is born in Bethlehem, Come, Thou Long Expected . . .
Christmas Cards, Census, Choir, Cold, Cousins, Christmas joys, Cookies for Santa, Christmas letter, Cutting down the tree, Candlelight, Concerts, D Dancer, Donner, Dasher, Deck The Halls, Do You Hear What I Hear, Dream, Dashing through the snow, Dancing, Delight, Dinner, Daddy E Elves, Epiphany, Christmas Eve, Eight tiny reindeer, Eating, Egg nog, Enjoying, F Fudge, The First Noel, Frankincense, Feliz Navidad, Frosty the Snowman, Family, Friends, Food, Finding the tree, Fresh snow, Fireplace, G God Rest ye Merry Gentleman, Garland, Gold, Go Tell it On the Mountain, Greensleeves, Gabriel, Good will toward men, Games, Gingerbread, Grandparents, H Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, Home, Hark the Herald Angels sing, Here We Come a' Caroling, He sees you when you're sleeping, He knows when you're awake, Humbug, Ham, Hanging our stocking by the chimney with care, Home for the Holidays, Helping, I It came upon a Midnight Clear, I'll be Home for Christmas, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa... I saw three ships, It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Icicles, J Jesus, Jesse Tree, Joseph, Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Joy, Jesus's birthday K Keilbasa (polish sausage), Kisses under the mistletoe, Kids, Kings, Kitchen capers, L Lights let it snow! Let There Be Peace on Earth, Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming, Lefse, Laughter, M Mary, Manger, Mrs. Claus, Magi, Mistletoe, Myrrh, Midnight Service, Most Wonderful Day of the Year, My Favorite Things, Messiah, Making Christmas Candy, Mommy, Christmas Morning, Merry Christmas, N Nativity, No Room In The Inn, Nutcracker, Nieces and Nephews, O O Christmas Tree, O Tannenbaum, Ornaments, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, O Come, Little Children, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Oh Holy Night, Over the River and Through the Woods, Opening gifts, P Prancer, Presents Peace on Earth, Peanut Brittle, Popcorn strings, Parties Q Quilts to snuggle in, Questions about... Quite a...
R Rudolph, Reindeer, Ribbons, Rocking around the Christmas Tree, Roman census, Reading the Christmas story, Relaxing, Resting, Relatives, S Silent Night, Santa Claus, Scrooge, Swaddling Clothes, Stockings, St. Nicholas, Shepherds, Snow, Star, Sheep, Service, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Silver Bells, Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time, Silver and Gold, Snowman, Snowball fight, Sledding, Shopping, Stable, Sleigh Ride, Skiing, Snomobiling, Skating, Sitting on Santa's lap, Season's greetings, T Three Kings, Twelve Days of Christmas, Tinsel, Tree, Toyland, Turkey, Turtles, Tree Trimming, Traditions, U Up on the Housetop, Uncles, Under the tree, Unforgettable, Unbelievable, V Vixen, Vigil, Visiting, Vacation, Very...
W Wreath, Wrapping paper, White Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, Wassail Song, We Three Kings of Orient Are, Winter Wonderland, Wrapping Presents, Waiting for Santa, Wishes, X eXra special day, eXtraordinary, Y Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus, Yule Log, Yearly letter, Z Zipping up to keep warm, zzzzzz's



High School Graduation ABCs
A Audience, Accomplishments, ACT, Annual, B Band, Baseball, Basketball, Books, Backpacks, Backpack, Biology, Best Buddies, C Cap, Cum laude, Clubs, Ceremony, Commencement exercises, Choir, Class trip, Cheerleading, Championship, Costumes, Cartoons, College Prep, Cross Country, Cars, Calculus, Community Service, Cotillion D Diploma, DECA, Debate club, Drama Club, Driver's Ed, Drill team, Dances E Extracurricular activities, commencement Exercises, Essays, Entrance tests, Exams, English, F Friends, Family, Future Business Leaders of America, freshman year, Football, Future Problem Solvers, Fine arts, French, Field Trips, Fantastic Friends, Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America, Fund-raisers G Gown, Glee Club, Grades, Golf, Geography, Gym, German, Graduation announcement, Gifts, H Honors, High Honors, High school, Homecoming, Honor guard, Hair styles, Homeroom, Home Economics, History, Homework, Hanging out, Hobbies, I Internet, Interests, Improvement, Italian J Junior year, Jazz Band, Journalism, Joking around, Japanese K King (prom, homecoming), Kudos, Keepsakes, L laughter, Late nights out, Library M Magna cum laude, Marching band, Marching into the auditorium, Music, Mascot, Momentos, N National Honor Society, Newspaper, Nicknames, O Orchestra, Open House P Pomp and circumstance, Program, Prom, Pep band, Perfect attendance, Pets, Parents, Q Queen (prom, homecoming), Quick recovery (from an injury), Quiet time, Quotes, R Report cards, Regionals, Rules, Russian, Relaxing S Summa cum laude, senior year, Senior Ball, Soccer, State Finals, Sophomore Year, Salutatorian, Speech club, Senior skip day, Scholarships, School's out, SAT, Spanish, Student Council, Spring break, Softball, Science, Slang, Sadie Hawkins dance, Siblings, T Tennis, Tassel, Team spirit, Talent show, Teachers, Treasures U University, U of V Volleyball, Valedictorian, Volunteer activities, Vacation, Vocabulary words, Victory, W Win, Wrestling, Who's Who (add senior class pictures) X X-tra X-tra read all about it (put in a newspaper article) Y Yearbook, Z Z end, Zzzzing after class.



The ABCs of friends:
*A FRIEND.....*
(A)ccepts you as you are
(B)elieves in "you"
(C)alls you just to say "HI"
(D)oesn't give up on you
(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
(F)orgives your mistakes
(G)ives unconditionally
(H)elps you
(I)nvites you over
(J)ust "be" with you
(K)eeps you close at heart
(L)oves you for who you are
(M)akes a difference in your life
(N)ever Judges
(O)ffers support
(P)icks you up
(Q)uiets your fears
(R)aises your spirits
(S)ays nice things about you
(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(U)nderstands you
(V)alues you
(W)alks beside you
(X)-plains things you don't understand
(Y)ells when you won't listen and
(Z)aps you back to reality


ABC's of Thanksgiving
A lthough things are not perfect
B ecause of trial or pain
C ontinue in thanksgiving
D o not begin to blame
E ven when the times are hard
F ierce winds are bound to blow
G od is forever able
H old on to what you know
I magine life without
His love
J oy would cease to be
K eep thanking
Him for all the things
L ove imparts to thee
M ove out of "Camp Complaining"
N o weapon that is known
O n earth can yield the power
P raise can do alone
Q uit looking at the future
R edeem the time at hand
S tart every day with worship
T o "thank" is a command
U ntil we see Him coming
V ictorious in the sky
W e'll run the race with gratitude
X alting God most high
Y es, there will be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
Z ion waits in glory...where none are ever sad!

Psalm 69:30 - "I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving."--



Christmas abc
a is for angels in my dreams
b is for baby you baby sister are baby sister is going to be happy
c is for candycans what we like to eat
d is dreams its so nice to have nice dreams
e is elfs makeing lots a toy for good girls and boys
f is for a family that you love
g is for going away
h is for house my house has lot uv lights
i is i was good
j is for jack in the box a toy you might want
k is for a kitten for a present i might really love to have
l is for listes uv gifts uv evrybody might want
m is for me and my mom
n is for a very cold nose
o if im the only who did not get a present
p is for present that i thaink all get
q is for quest to get the right gift for you cuase i love you
R is for roses i might get you for xmas
s is for slegih that i want for xmas
t i for token to buy you something
u i for unwanted i dont need a present
v i for a very small village but we all love each other
w is for wings that angels have
x is for xmas a short way to spell christmas
y is for im yawning i need to go to sleep
z is for zzzzzzs becuase were tiered



New Year ABC's

(Compiled by Denny Davis. I made this list to cover a year but you can alter it to document a decade or a century - or for a New Year's Eve celebration.)

A - after midnight, annual get-together, another year is gone, anticipation, Auld Lang Syne 
B - baby New Year, balloons, bang (fireworks), bells, bills (rent, utilities, etc), books (personal favorites or top sellers), bubbles
C - calendar, cars, celebrating the New Year, celebrations (holidays, weddings, etc), champagne, Cheers!, church, clothing, confetti, controversies (local or national), costs (clothes, entertainment, etc), count down to midnight
D - dance, dates, A Day in the Life of (you or your family), decorations, designated driver, Dick Clark, dreams for the future
E - elections, enjoyment, entertainment/entertainers, excitement
F - fads, family (births, marriages, deaths, etc), fashions, Father Time, favorite things, fireworks, friends, fun, future plans
G - games, goals for the future, good times, goodbye (to the old year), grocery receipts, guests
H - hair styles, Happy New Year, hats, having fun, headlines, here's to..., hobbies, hopes, house (inside and out), hugs
I - IN (current trends), in with the new, interesting, invitation
J - January, job, jokes (private family jokes or popular humor), joyful
K - kids' favorite things, kiss, Kodak Moment
L - laughter, leisure activities, Let's Party!, Looking Back (things that were important to you in the last year), loud
M - memories, midnight, morning after, movies, music
N - New Years Eve, news stories of the year, noise, noisemakers, Notable Events, Notable People
O - out with the old, outstanding (awards or achievements)
P - painting the town, parades, party, pets, postage stamp, predictions (what you think will happen in the coming year), President, punch
Q - quite...(a party, a year, etc.), quotes
R - religion, remember, resolutions, ringing in the New Year, Rose Parade
S - school, smiles, sports, stores/shopping, summer recreation
T - technology, time capsule, Times Square, a toast to..., transportation, trends, TV shows
U - unforgettable, unusual, unique
V - vacations, very..., vision of the future
W - wars and conflicts, welcome, winners, winter, work
X - Xmas, xtra (anything that doesn't fit elsewhere), XXX (kisses), eXuberant
Y - the Year in Review, yesterday
Z - zest, zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zippy, ZZZ's (tired from staying up late)

(Also use names of family, friends, pets, places, etc.)



ABC List for a Mother-In-Law

(this was mostly written by "Scamper")
Always there for me
Beautiful, inside and out
Creative, Cooks delicious food
his "Dear" mother, delightful
Forgiving, fun
Generous, Grandma
Homemaker, helper, honest
doesn't "Intrude" (and we're next door neighbors)
Joyful of spirit
Keeps the family together
Loves us unconditionally
No one like her
Open and honest
Prays for us
Quite a person
Respects our privacy
Supports us
Teaches me skills that I did not know
is Understanding
Value's her family
Welcomed me into her family
eXtra special
Young at heart
Zest for life


Vehicle ABC Album

(compiled by Denny Davis)

would use a theme - like trucks or race cars - for the main photo on each page (preferably with the recipient in it). I would complete the page with other photos, stickers, clipart, car graphics from the internet, etc. Take photos at a car race, car show, dealership, or of friends vehicles, etc. Include the names of race car drivers, tracks, dealerships, trucking companies, car parts, highways, etc.
A - Acadia, Accura, airport fire truck, Alfa Romeo, all-wheel drive, ambulance, amphibious vehicle, Aries, Armored Car, Aston Martin, ATV, Audi, Austin
B - back hoe, Beetle, Bentley, Benz, big rig, bike, BMW, Bobcat, Boom Truck, Bristol, Bronco, buckle up!, Buick, bulldozer, bumper car, bus
C - cable car, Capri, Cadillac, car seat, Caravan, Caterpillar, Cavalier, cement truck, Century, Chevrolet, Chevy, chief's car, Chrysler, Civic, classic car, Cobra, convertible, Corvair, Corvette, Cougar, coupe, Crane, Cultivator
D - Daewoo, Daimler, Dart, Datsun, De Lorean, De Soto, diesel, dirt bike, Dodge, driver, Dually, Duesenberg, dump truck, dune buggy, Durango
E - Echo, Edsel, 18-wheeler, El Dorado, Engine, Escort, Esteem, Excalibur, excavator, Explorer,
F - Falcon, Ferrari, Fiat, Fiero, fire truck, flatbed, Focus, Ford, forklift, Formula One, Frazer, Freightliner, front loader
G - garage, garbage truck, gas, Gator, Geo, Ginetta, GM, GMC, go-cart, golf cart, grader, green light
H - half ton, hard top, hay wagon, Hemi, highway, Honda, hot rod, Horch, Hummer, Hyundai
I - ice cream truck ,Impala, Integra, International Harvester, Impreza, Infiniti, Insight, Intrepid, Isuzu
J - Jaguar, Japanese imports, jalopy, Jeep, Jensen, Jetta, John Deere
K - K car, Kaiser, Kamatsu, Kawasaki, Kenworth, KIA, King Cab, Kodiak, Kubota
L - ladder truck, Lamborghini, Lancia, Lariat, lawn tractor, Legacy, Lexus, Lincoln, Limo, logging truck, Lotus, Lumina
M - Maserati, Maxima, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Messerschmitt, M.G . Morgan, Miata, Midget, Mini, Mirage, Mitsubishi, Montclair, monster truck, Morris, motorcycle, motor home, Murray, Mustang, MVS, Mystique
N - NASCAR, news truck, Neon, Nissan, Nova
O - Odyssey, off-road truck, Oil Tanker, Oldsmobile, One Way, Opel
P - pace car, Packard, Passat, Pathfinder, Peterbuilt, Peugeot, Pick-up, Pinto, Plymouth, police car, Pontiac, Porsche, Prelude, Probe, pumper
Q - quad, Quantum, Quest
R - race car, Ranger, red light, Renault, REO, Road Runner, Rolls-Royce, Rover, R.V.
S - Saab, Sable, Saturn, Scraper, sedan, semi, Sentra, snowmobile, snowplow, Sonoma, Sprite, station wagon, stop, Studebaker, Stutz, Subaru, subway, Super Sport, SUV, Suzuki
T - Tacoma, Tahoe, Talbot, tanker, Taurus, Thunderbird, tires, tools, tow truck, Toyota, Tracker, tractor, trailer, traffic, train, Triumph, Tucker, tunnel
U - Ultima, UPS truck, USPS truck, utility truck
V - V-8, Valiant, van, Vauxhall, Viper, Vitara, Volkswagen, Volvo, Voyager, VW
W - water truck, wheels, White Star, Wildcat, Windstar, woody, wrecker
X - Fed-Ex truck, Xr4ti
Y - Yamaha, yellow cab, yellow light, yellow school bus, yield right of way, yield sign, Yugo, Yukon
Z - Z28, zamboni, Zephyr, zoo cart, zoo train, 'Zoom Zoom', ZX2



Anniversary ABC List
By Jennia Hart

*A - *Anniversary, Always Yours
*B - *Birthdays, Belong Together
*C - *Caring, Close to My Heart
*D - *Devotion, Dating
*E - *Engagement (how it happened)
*F - *Friends, Family, Fun
*G - *Golden Years, Gifts
*H - *Holidays (traditions), Hobbies
*I - *Interests, I Love You
*J - *Joy, Just the Two of Us
*K - *Keepsakes, Kisses, Kids
*L - *LOVE, Letters
*M - *Many years together, Memorable Occasions in our Marriage, Moving *N - *Nicknames, Notable Achievements *O - *Our life together, Occasions *P - *Pets, Parents, *Q - *Quotes, Quality Time *R - *Relatives, Relaxing *S - *Special Times *T - *Trips, Together *U - *Unforgettable, Unique *V - *Vacations *W - *Wedding *X - *eXtra Special, eXcitement *Y - *You're the light of my life, Years, Youth (photos of couple as
*Z - *Zoom (close up photo)



Wedding ABC's
by Denny Davis

A - Announcement, Anticipation, Aisle, Attendants, Altar B - Bride, Bridesmaids, Best Man, Bridal Bouquet, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Breaking the Glass C - Church, Cake, Clergy, Couple, Candles, Caterers, Ceremony, Choir, Champagne, Commitment, Cutting the Cake D - Decisions, Dress, DJ, Dance, Dream Come True, Doves, Deadlines, Dearly Beloved...
E - Engagement Ring, Engagement Party, Engagement Announcement, Entertainment, Eternity F - Family and Friends, Flowers, Flower Girl, Fathers, First Dance G - Groom, Groomsmen, Guests, Guest book, Gifts, Gown, Garter, breaking the Glass H -Honeymoon, Hands, Here Comes the Bride, Heirloom, Hair, Handkerchief, Head Table I - Invitation, I Do, I Will, I ___ Take Thee ___, Introducing..., I now pronounce you..., I Thee Wed...
J - Justice of the Peace, Joined in marriage, Jewelry, Jokes, Jumping the Broom K - Keepsakes, Kiss, you may Kiss your bride, Knife for cutting the cake L - Love, Leg (garter), Limousine, License M - Marriage Certificate, Minister, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Mothers, music N - Newlyweds, something New, Now and Forever, newspaper announcement O - Opening Gifts, Our Song, Organist, something Old P - Priest, Presents, Parents, Pastor, Planning, Prayer, Photographer, Program, Proposal Q - Question (who, when where, how), Quotes (advice), Quill Pen R - Rehearsal, Relatives, Reception, Rings, Ring Bearer, Receiving Line, Roses, Rabbi S - Showers, Songs at Wedding, Seven Blessings, Stealing the Bride, Sixpence, Something Old..., Stationary T - Toss (bouquet and garter), Together Forever, This Diamond Ring, Tuxedos, Toast, Tie, Temple, Two become One, Tara Brooch U - Ushers, Us, Unity Candle V - Vows, Veil, Vocalist W - Wedding, Will You Marry Me, With This Ring..., Walk Down the Aisle, White Dress, Wine, Wedding Bells X - Xtra Special Memories, Xtra Special Moments, Xtra Special Love Y - Youth (childhood photos), Yes, Years of Happiness Ahead Z - Zoom (close up photos)


The ABC's of Marriage
*A*bsolutely adore each other
*B*e best friends
*D*iscover new things together
*E*ncourage each other
*F*orgive and Forget
*G*aze into each other's eyes
*H*old hands and hug a lot
*I*nspire and intrigue each other
*J*oke and laugh and have fun
*K*iss, kiss, kiss
*L*ove with all your hearts
*M*arvel at each other's talents
*N*urture each other's souls
*O*vercome problems together
*P*lay games together
*Q*uiet each other's fears
*R*emember the little things
*S*ay "I love you" every day
*T*ake time for tenderness
*U*nderstand and care deeply
*V*alue everything you share
*W*ish on stars together
*X*-press your true feelings
*Y*earn for each other's touch
*Z*zzzzz in each other's arms



Courtship ABC's
by Denny Davis

A - abundant affection, acceptance, all my love, always yours, announcement, anticipation B - beautiful feelings, believing in each other, beloved, bride C - candlelight, compassionate caring, couple, cuddle D - dating, decisions, depending on each other, dream come true E - endearing, energy, engagement (announcement, party, etc.), enriching each other's lives, eternal devotion F - family (meeting), first date, flowers, forever feelings, forgiveness freely given G - gifts (shower), giving, going steady, groom, guest list H - happy, holding hands, holidays, honesty, hopes for the future I - I Love You, In-laws, inspiring goodness in each other, invitations J - jewelry, jobs, joyful, not judging each other K - keepsakes, kindness, kisses L - light of my life, listening, love, love letters M - moonlight, moments to remember, movies, music N - nice, new experiences, never ending, newspaper announcement O - only you, optimistic, ordinary day, overcoming obstacles p - parents, parties, personalities, pets, planning, pop the question, promises, proposal Q - question, quiet each other's fears, quiet times together, quest for happiness R - respect, restaurants, ring, romantic moments S - shared dreams, sharing a life, showers, so in love, soul mates, sweethearts forever T - this diamond ring, thoughtfulness, together, true love, trust U - unconditional love, understanding, unique, us V - valuing each other, variety of viewpoints, very special, vows W - walking side by side through life, wedding, will you marry me, wonderful x - XOXOX, x marks the spot, first Xmas together, Xtra special Y - yearbook, yearning to be together, yes, you and me, young love, you're the one z - zany, zest you added to my life, zillion reasons why I love you



Valentine ABC's
by Denny Davis

*A - *absolutely adore you, admiration, affection, afternoon delight, all my love, always yours, amazing, anticipation, appreciation, arrow, awesome *B - *balloons, be mine, beautiful, beloved, best, bouquet, bow, breakfast in bed *C - *candlelight, candy kisses, card, champagne, chocolates, close to my heart, couple, cozy, cuddling, Cupid *D - *dancing, darling, date, dearest, delight, devoted to you, diamond, dinner, dressed up *E - *eager, earrings, eating out, embracing, endearing, envelopes, evening, exciting, extra special *F - *fabulous, fantastic, favorite, February 14, first kiss, flowers, forever, fun, funny *G - *gift, gimme a kiss, give, glad, great, grin *H - *happy, head over heels, heart, helium balloon, her, him, holding hands, honey, hug, hug me *I - *I Love You, incredible, inspiration, intimate, invitation, irresistible *J - *jewelry, joyful, jubilant, just the two of us, just you and me *K - *keepsake, kind, kiss, kiss me, kissable *L - *laughter,light of my life, like, locket, lots, love, love song, lucky me *M - *magic moments, marvelous, memories, moonlight, movie, music *N - *necklace, nice, nifty, night to remember, notes, nuts about you *O - *occasion, of one heart, one and only, one last dance, only you, outstanding *P - *party, passion, perfect, perfume, pictures, pink, poetry, presents, pretty, p.s. I love you, puppy love *Q - *quality time, question, quiet time, quite____ *R - *radiant, red roses, remember, ribbons, ring, romantic *S - *sensational, shall we dance, silly, smile, smooch, snuggling, so in love, song, special, spontaneous, S.W.A.K., sweet, sweetheart *T - *tenderness, terrific, thoughtful, tickle me, together, touch, treasure, true love *U - *ultimate, unbelievable, understanding, unforgettable, unique, unusual, unwrap, us *V - *Valentine, verse, very special *W - *warm-hearted, we danced, weekend, whisper, will you marry me, wish, wonderful *X - *eXciting, eXcellent, eXtra special, eXtraordinary, XOXOX, x-rated *Y - *yes, yummy, you, young love *Z - *zany, zenith, zillion reasons why I love you, zing go the strings of my heart, ZZZZZ



Pregnancy ABC List
A - addition to the family, adorable, alterations, amniocentesis, announcements, anticipation, APGAR, awaiting the arrival, awesome B - baby, baby carriage, big changes, birth, birth announcement, blessing, bonding, booties, boy or girl?, breathing C - calendar, cards, celebrating, changes, charts, christening, coming soon, congratulations, contractions, cousins, cravings, c-section D - daddy, delivery, diapers, dilation, doctor appointments, dreams, due date E - eager, eating, elation, emotional, enormous, exercise, exhaustion, expanding, expectations F - false labor, family, father, fatigue, feelings, first photo (ultrasound), food cravings, footprints G - gaining weight, gestation, gifts, girl or boy?, grandparents H - happy, hearing the heartbeat, heartburn, high chair, holidays, hopes, hormones, hospital I - ideas (for nursery, etc.), important info, incredible, indigestion, infant J - jitters, joy, junior, just the two of us K - keepsakes, kicking, kidding around, kin, kissing L - labor, labor coach, lamaze classes, lotion, love, lullaby M - maternity clothes, midwife, miracle, mommy, mods, morning sickness N - names, nausea, natural childbirth, nicknames, nursery O - obstetrician, offspring, ouch!, our family, outings, overdue, overjoyed P - pacing, pink or blue?, plans, plump, pregnancy test, proud parents, Push!
Q - queasy, questions, quickening, quiet time, quotes R - radiant, rattle, recreation, reflections, religious events, rest S - shopping, showers, sonogram, splish splash, stork, stretch marks, stroller T - thoughts, toys, trimesters, twins?
U - ultrasound, umbilical cord, unbelievable, unforgettable V - vacations, vitamins, visitors W - waiting, walking, we (Mom and Dad then Mom, Dad and baby), weight gain, welcome home X - eXciting, eXtra special moments, relaXation, XL Y - yarn (for knitting), yawning, you (thoughts about the baby), yowling Z - amaZing, zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zwieback, zzzzz



ABC's of Football
by Jakelle Cornell

B-ball/believe in yourself
G-goal post/games/glory
I-I love football
N-no regrets/noise
Q-never quit
S-score/stadium/starting line-up/special teams
Z-zzz's(only after a good game)



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