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Please be aware that fonts are also copyrighted. Even common fonts that come with Windows programs such as Arial and New Times Roman are copyrighted. I did take the time to research that at one time.

Please be sure to give credit for the fonts you do use when sharing freebies or selling designs. If the terms of use do not allow for commercial use, then you cannot use them for free items either (only personal use).

Using a font on a layout as a gift to one friend in private is much different than using a font to redistribute to hundreds of people.

The fonts are free to use for personal use. If you are mass redistributed after editing them into a new creation, that would be drawing a fine line on what the term "personal use" is interpreted.

Remember that you may always email the font creator to ask questions about the TOU or get special permissions granted.

Take time to read the TOU's of them to insure that the owner of the font has allowed commerical use of them.


Here is a list of links to font resources. Happy clicking and searching!

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exljbris Font Foundry (CU) 
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Font Freak 
Font Garden 
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NexusFont: Font Viewer 
Rattlesnake Jack's 
Scrappinfun (Handwritten fonts by Shellie Hubbart) 
Sketchpad Free Fonts 
STC fontBROWSER (preview installed fonts) 
Sugar Frog Fonts 
The Cure Fonts 
The Font Bureau, Inc 
The Font Thing 0.80 
Typetester – Compare fonts 
Typographic Collaboration 
Ultimate Font Download (CU) 
WhatTheFont (Submit image)






Laribie Fonts have this statement on their homepage.

"Larabie Fonts offers 384 free fonts for personal and commercial use in TrueType format. We display our fonts at If you need the same font in PostScript or OpenType format, you will find them offered at very low prices. Larabie Fonts are compatible with both Windows and Mac. Browse the huge collection of typefaces or search for a specific style. Our commercial font company, 
Typodermic, has over 130 high quality font families to choose from and we’re adding new ones all the time. Although our fonts are not free, we think you will agree our prices are very reasonable. We hope you enjoy all our fonts."

I actually paid for one of his download sets a long time ago as the cost was so minimal.


Just a quick note....
I talked to Rozanne Paxman at Scrapgirls and she said you cannot even give stuff away, even if you are a NON-profit organization....unless it allows commercial use...she said commercial use does not just include making money....
(we were discussing using some digital scrap stuff in our school yearbook...the yearbook sales break even and no one makes money from its sale...and the school is not a for-profit place either, but the answer is no. We could buy a commercial lisc. and create our own stuff to use in it but that is all. Which remoinds me...there is a list of fonts that could be used in the yearbook...I will try to go look at them and see how many of those we could use....there were some great ones....


The purchase at 
The Ultimate Font Download is supposed to be copyright friendly. I think they are providing a service by contacting the font creators for permission to put them in a collaborative collection to make it easy with just a click to get all of the fonts you may need, rather than tracking down all the TOU's and files yourself which could be very time consuming. 


Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 22:38:04 -0600
Subject: Form Post from Firefox
Name=Elizabeth Barnett
Message=How do you define "derivative works"?
specifically relating to scrapbooking, wherein a font is used to type 
letters or words and modified with colour, texture, depth, possibly 
embellished with other stuff, and is therefore no longer a "font" ...

The only real restriction I place on my fonts is that they not be resold AS FONTS, exactly as they are; "Word Art" is a perfectly acceptable use, as are decorative initial sets. Thanks for asking.

Nick Curtis



Here's a copy of the TOU:

Yes. They are completely freeware. You can use it for your commercial projects and do not pay me a dime. You just CAN`T redistribute and/or sell the fonts in any form. And you can always support the freeware fonts section, buying one commercial font.


I have discovered two sites that have commercial use filters - and 


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