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Henry Joseph (Joe) Geile & Anna Marie (Mary) Hennecke| John Frederick Geile & Mary Sophia Baudendistel | Edward Henry Geile & Olga A. Reitz | Robert Geile & Marie Elizabeth Ida Finlay

Theodore Joseph Geile, Sr. (brother of Henry Joseph "Joe" Geile)

SCHUMER LINE Johannes Schumer & Maria Agatha Koch | Anton Schumer & Anna Maria Kluppel | Johannes Christoph Schumer & Maria Catherine Schulte | Franz Anton "Anthony" Schumer & Anna Marie Mertens | Ferdinand Baudendistel & Maria Sophia Schumer (Mary Sophia Baudendistel Geile's parents)

BAUDENDISTEL LINE Peter Baudendistel & Barbara | Martin Baudendistel & Magdalena Steimers | Michael Baudendistel & Kunigunda Klumpp | Anton Baudendistel & Anna Maria Wilhelm | Johann Karl Baudendistel & Gertrud Birck | Franz Joseph Baudendistel & Maria Elizabeth Busam | Joseph Anton Baudendistel & Maria Katharina Hund | Ferdinand Baudendistel & Maria Sophia Schumer (Mary Sophia Baudendistel Geile's parents)

THIS IS MY WORKING GENEALOGY BIOGRAPHIES, PLEASE DO NOT COPY AS FACT. Some photos are personal and should not be copied and republished; other images are okay. Documentation I collected as proof to support facts (i.e. dates, relationships, etc.) are available for your use. I share freely, but please do not abuse copyright or perpetuate any information without supporting facts that may or may not be in error. I try to mark in red my questions or documents I need to look for, so your assistance in making this a complete collection is always appreciated.

Johannes Geile and Anna Maria Jürgens (Juergens)

Our genealogy begins with Johannes Geile and Anna Marie Jürgens in Germany. Two of their children, Henry Joseph (Joe) Geile and Theodore Joseph Geile, Sr. came to America. These two brothers eventually settled in Silver Lake, Perry County, Missouri. 


Johannes Geile was born in 1785 to Johannes Geils, who was a tailor in Amecke, and his mother is unknown at this time.

Anna Marie Jürgens was born to Anton Jürgens from Illingheim, and her mother is unknown at this time.


Johannes and Anna Marie would make thier home in Amecke, where his parents also lived.

Amecke is found on as a Dorf (village) in Kingdom of Preussen, Province of Westfalen, Regierungsbezirk (district, similar to U.S. States) of Arnsberg, Kreis (district, similar to U.S. counties) of Arnsberg, Amtsgericht (Lower District Court) of Balve, Bezirkskommando (Military District Command) of BKdo, Standesamt (Civil Registration Office) of Stockum, and Amtsbezirk (District Office) of Sundern.

In today's location, it is listed as: Amecke, Arnsberg, Arnsberg, Hochsauerlandkreis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Anna Marie was from Illingheim which is a Dorf (Village), Kreis (district, similar to U.S. counties) if Illingheim, which is dependent on Amecke.


Here is the Amecke city website (use chrome and it will translate the page).

Photo of the church | Map on this page | Better map on this page

Amecke on Wikipedia (again use Chrome/Google translate) and Ameck here

Sorpesee is the name of the man-made lake. I wonder when it was made. Here is a Sorpesee Youtube video.


Johan and Anna Maria married on September 10, 1821, at the Roemisch-Katholische Church in Amecke, Germany.

In the year of Christ 1821, the tenth September was here in the parish church after the orderly published banns married: Johannes (Joannes), legitimate son of the deceased Johannes Geils, tailor in Amecke and Anna Maria Jürgens, unmarried daughter of the deceased Anton Jürgens of Illingheim, the groom is 36 years old and is a smith and future resident in Amecke. The bride is 25 years old. Witnesses were Henricus and Berend Zöllner, who have this document together with the pastor, who did this marriage, signed.

It is on their son Joe's marriage record that we first read their names, Johan Geile and Mary Joergens.


Johannes and Anna Maria would have 9 children.


Johannes and Anna Maria had a daughter, Josephine Geile, on July 2, 1822.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a daughter, Anna Maria Geile, on January 7, 1824.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a son, Anton Geile, on January 7, 1824.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a son, Friedericus Geile, on December 4, 1825.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a son, Henry Joseph (Joe) Geile, on October 01, 1827 in Arnsberge Westlain, Germany.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a son, Johannes Geile, on February 17, 1830.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a daughter, Anna Maria Geile, on August 31, 1832.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a son, Johan Friederich Geile, on May 6, 1835.

Johannes and Anna Maria had a son, Theodore Joseph Geile, Sr., on October 31, 1836.



One day about September 2000, I was doing research on the Geiles standing in the cemetery at Silver Lake when a man walked up to me inquiring of my ancestors. He was excited to learn I descended from Joe Geile because he had photos of my family that he had inherited from an Aunt (or great Aunt) who was related to him by marriage, and who had no children. I took the photos home with me to copy. I paid $25 to have one of the photos professionally scanned, but at the time we did not have home scanners or cell phones, so I my only other resource was a copy machine. Click here for a 177 page pdf scan of these photocopies from my binder, which also include copies of handwritten notes. Some of the people I know who they are. However, I would love help to identify everyone.





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