Martin Baudendistel & Magdalena Steimers

Geile Genealogy | Geile Notes

Henry Joseph (Joe) Geile & Anna Marie (Mary) Hennecke| John Frederick Geile & Mary Sophia Baudendistel | Edward Henry Geile & Olga A. Reitz | Robert Geile & Marie Elizabeth Ida Finlay

Ferdinand Baudendistel & Maria Sophia Schumer ( Mary Sophia Baudendistel's parents) | Joseph Anton Baudendistel & Maria Katharina Hund (Ferdinand's parents) | Franz Joseph Baudendistel & Maria Elizabeth Busam | Johann Karl Baudendistel & Gertrud Birck | Anton Baudendistel & Anna Maria Wilhelm | Michael Baudendistel & Kunigunda Klumpp | Martin Baudendistel & Magdalena Steimers | Peter Baudendistel & Barbara |

Franz Anton Schumer & Anna Marie Mertens (Maria Sophia Schumer's parents | Johannes Christoph Schumer & Maria Catherine Schulte | Anton Schumer & Anna Maria Kluppel | Johannes Schumer & Maria Agatha Koch

Theodore Joseph Geile, Sr. (brother of Henry Joseph Geile)

THIS IS MY WORKING GENEALOGY BIOGRAPHIES, PLEASE DO NOT COPY AS FACT. Some photos are personal and should not be copied and republished; other images are okay. Documentation I collected as proof to support facts (i.e. dates, relationships, etc.) are available for your use. I share freely, but please do not abuse copyright or perpetuate any information without supporting facts that may or may not be in error. I try to mark in red my questions or documents I need to look for, so your assistance in making this a complete collection is always appreciated.


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