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Lesson 6 - Drop Down Box with Emphasis on Journaling (link to comment)

I love finding new techniques for text.  Therefore, I will probably jump back and forth from a text technique to another type of technique.  This one is a very simple technique that can have a powerful impact on a layout.  Since the last lesson was so intense, I thought I would go with an easier one today.

This lesson is to create emphasis on journaling by making a box drop down and through another paper strip.

This is a simple task for avid scrappers, but may not be a technique used before.

Normally, as you will hear me say a lot, our main goal is to keep the focus on the photo(s). We want our eye to go to the photos first. However, sometimes that goal shifts depending on what we want our readers to focus upon.

In this case, I wanted the journaling to also receive visual weight.

As always, there are other ways. For instance, use pieces of cut ribbon to create the lines of the borders.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!



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