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Lesson 11 - Color Picker vs. Color Swatches vs. Color Table (pdf) (link to comment)

This is one of my favorite tutorials!  Why?  Because when I first learned the differences between the three, it finally all made sense to me!  I do hope that there is something new for you to learn in this tutorial.  Even I refer back to it from time to time to remember those things I don’t use often.

Create a layout using a color swatch that you have made of your own from a photo.  As you will see, there are several methods that you can go about achieving the color swatch by using either the color picker or the color table (and doesn’t that sound confusing!).

As an extra option task, try creating a swatch of your favorite colors.  Feel free to share it with others in the threads.


How to Use Swatches in Photoshop Elements

  consider this

Why not try a new font with this technique?  Remember that there a many places where you can download free color swatches to utilize as found under “color” on the (resource page)




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