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Lesson 28 - Dingbat (vintage) Frames (link to comment)

This tutorial shares one way to utilize dingbats!  You may utilize the dingbats in any way, not just for frames, to complete this lesson.  However, please do share a link to the font which you are using so that we all might find and utilize your inspiration!

Download the Floralia font here.

Use it to make the corners of a vintage frame as in my layout. Note that I added double thin lines between the doodles.

Here is my second layout for this challenge. I just started cruising the font sites and when this spanish words font (font called Che Viva Banana) came into view I first thought of counting the scoops and then the #3 for dip came into mind. Then I saw the second font with paint drip dingbats (font called We Spray) and it all came together. I did not do the vintage frame from the tutorial, but rather created a frame that goes from white to striped to clear and put the dingbats on the edge. It is okay to think outside the box with these challenges however you are inspired.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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