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Lesson 23 - Custom Shadows (pdf) (link to comment)

There are many ways to create custom shadows and this one uses the smudge tool. When I first wrote this tutorial, it became a big hit in the digi-world!  There were none out there like it.  Now, you see these skills shared on many various sites in their tutorials.  This one is one that will take you a while.  I want you to really play with all that is to be learned in this tutorial.  Take your time with it!  It is yet another tutorial that will open up whole new worlds! This video is 42 minutes long, so set aside some time to watch it.

The below video shares how easy it is to make custom drop shadows in the full version of Photoshop. It will make PSE users want the full version! Still yet, the skills in the above video are helpful for CS users to learn, so be sure to watch both videos.

Here is another layout by me with a simplified version of the shadows.

Here is another layout I made!

Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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