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Course 2 Take 2

Lesson 21 - Strike-Through Text (Lesson 59)

This is another tutorial where if you think outside the box, you can come up with something really creative.  I look forward to seeing your application!

Lesson 22 - Making an element go over and under another element (Lesson 24)

I do not have a download for this tutorial for you, but hopefully you can find something in your stash to apply this technique too.  This is an important lesson to bring depth to your layouts in a unique way.  It will be interesting to see how you apply it.

Lesson 23 - One Word, Many Lines (Lesson 67)

This lesson does not have any instructions or a video, but rather just a bit of inspiration to get you scrapping and thinking outside of the box.

Lesson 24 - Outline Text Tutorial (Lesson 12)

In this lesson, the written version is different than the video!  When I first wrote the lesson, PSE had a handy style that worked well.  Since the style is no longer available in later versions, the video covers how to do the same!

Lesson 25 - Title Highlight –Knock Out Ribbon (Lesson 38)

This is SUCH a simple technique with a huge impact.  It really brings interest to the layout and makes the eye go “wow!”

Lesson 26 - Vellum Frame over Photo with Inside Border (Lesson 46)

This one is just a cool artistic technique!  I really love this and do hope you do too!  Hurry, go check it out!

Lesson 27 - Offset Shapes (Lesson 70)

Learn how to utilize the align and distribute tools on PSE and utilize them on a layout!  Let’s see your rows!

Lesson 28 - Color Blocking (Lesson 29)

Color blocking is a great technique for many reasons.  First, it is an easy way to create a well balanced layout.  Second, it is a great way to understand design principles to utilize in other layouts.  I look forward to seeing your layouts!

Lesson 29 - Movable Shadow of an Object (Lesson 62)

A really cool effect can be had if you detach a shadow from an object and move it a distance away from the object.  How?  Go see!

Lesson 30 - Corner Banner (Lesson 54)

This lesson does not have a video with it as it is just a technique that you already have skills for, but if you have trouble, please do let me know. 

Lesson 31 - Grungy Text Background (Lesson 74)

This technique is actually much easier to do than it might look!  Have fun with it.

Lesson 32 - Dividing/Slicing Photos (Lesson 2)

In this lesson you will learn how to divide one photo in many pieces for an interesting and artistic technique to your layout.  You can expect to find some inspiration for a variety of little tweaks to this technique to get your mind rolling!

Lesson 33 - Text on Photo Backgrounds (Lesson 34)

What a simple, yet artistic technique!  I love this one and I hope you do too!  I look forward to seeing your layouts.

Lesson 34 - Handcut Look (Lesson 77)

This lesson is to make a paper look like it is hand cut, not straight as if it came from a factory. This lesson the technique is shown on a series of blocks, but you could do this to any paper, even photos!

Lesson 35 - Photos in Text (Lesson 14)

We are going back to a text technique challenge for this lesson.  I think you are going to like doing this technique to cut your photos into the shape of text.  It is easier to do than you think, but a little tricky.

Lesson 36 - Wordle (Lesson 43)

This is a fun technique!  Did you know that Photoshop Elements supports .pdf’s?  This knowledge can open up a lot of ideas for you!  I know it did for me!

Lesson 37 - Tinting Tutorial (Lesson 5)

Sometimes layout with the simplest techniques and in the simplest forms carry the biggest pow!  However, I am anxious to see your layouts using the tinting tutorial.  Will you keep it simple and think out of the box or will you make it traditional and adding lots of papers and elements?

Lesson 38 - Duplicating, Deleting, and Cutting off (Lesson 51)

There is not a whole lot of skill in this lesson, but it is a great lesson to get you to think outside of the box…or frame…or layout….

Lesson 39 - Feathering/Vignette/Blending (Lesson 17)

This tutorial on feathering, vignette, and blending is actually one of the most asked “how do I do that” techniques!  I’m not sure why I didn’t have you doing it earlier in this course, but here is your opportunity to learn!  As always, there are SO many ways to do this one thing and I look forward to seeing what you can do.

Lesson 40 - Cut out Text – Use It! (Lesson 27)

This is SUCH simple text technique, but can have huge impact.  I look forward to seeing your creativity with this one!