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Course 2



Lesson 45 - Right Aligning Text (link to comment)

This is a challenge I have long ago wanted to present to you as it is something that is useful to learn as a design principle.  It is a principle to always keep in the back of your mind when applying text.  Often, scrappers never consider the impact this simple change can make.

Did you know that there are many instances when right aligning text can give balance to your layout?

Look for instances where you can line up your journaling’s edge to a photo, mat or other straight edge element, whether real or an imaginary line.  What do I mean by imaginary line?  Remember that our eye should start with the photos and travel around the page.  Often this is done be leading the eye.  Maybe there is reason to lead the eye from one element or photo to another by envisioning the line of the edge of the journaling connecting the two.

Tired of using that mouse? What are the keyboard shortcuts for centering and aligning text to the right or left?


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!