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The Fun Extras - Set Eight

152. Printing Resources

Where do you print digital scrapbooking layouts or make books? Visit the printing resource list to find one that is right for you.


Here are your comments!

I use MixBook a lot when I'm printing a 12x12 book. Their site is easy to use, especially editing pages to make sure they fit correctly. I also use Winkflash when my books are over 20 pages as they have a lot of sales. When I make my 11x8.5 books, I use Snapfish as most of the others do not have that size book. Diane

I generally wait till there's a good sale and use mypictales. However, when I need it in a rush, I go to Costco and get a 12x12 print for 3 bucks. Dawn

I use Snapfish or Blurb. :) Tammy

I have used Photobox but thinking of Snapfish atm because they are advertising 50% off - cant miss an opportunity like that Barbara

I haven't used anyone yet but need to look at all these lovely ideas and get cracking with my printing Maggie

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