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The Fun Extras - Set Eight




Here are your answers!

Fireworks, family and friend celebration, errands, church...being gone really makes it hard to scrap. LOL Tammy

too hot, triple digits; death of a dear family friend, death of a dear long time dialysis patient; dear friend and co-worker suffering a severe stroke, did not get the dream job I was trying for, bills piling up, broken elbow hurting, allergies acting up, head cold coming on, miss my family because I could not travel to celebrate 4th of July with them due to both work schedules not giving me the time off and lack of funds for travel costs. I could keep going but think I will stop here as I can come up with more excuses than you can shake a stick at :-) - Lost My Mojo! Mary Ann

Well, it had been because of babysitting, or working at church, or social events, but this week I've been dog/house sitting and I have done several layouts! YAY I get a new icon now!!! **dork dance!!** Dawn

No excuse, just doing stuff Maggie


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