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The Fun Extras - Set Three

41. Cropping Off Extras (link to comment)

Ever since I first learned the purpose for this Image/Crop tool, I have used it a ton since then!  I sure hope you do too!

For digital scrapbookers, did you know that there is another crop tool that serves a few great purposes?

Watch the video!

Don't you just love Photoshop Elements!

.......A great way to prepare a file for saving as a .png digital scrapbooking layout element.

.......A great way to cut down on the size of your file.

EXTRA - Unzipping (link to comment)

I found it to be a hassle when I had to click through too many folders after unzipping. I did not understand why there were so many extra folders! This video is for Vista, but also works in Windows 7 & 8.  However, since not everyone has these operating systems, this video is being given to you as an extra.  If you use a different operating system, feel free to share how you unzip.


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