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The Fun Extras - Set Two

21. Font Preview Size (link to comment)

Are your eyes bad like mine are?  Did you know that you can change the size of your font preview?  Check out the video!

EXTRA Photographing Pets

There is SO much to fit in with this class that I thought I would share a non-required extra link to you.  This is a Digital Buzz Quest regarding digital scrapbooking and photographing your pets.  I look forward to your thoughts.

Do you take a picture with your pets or just your pet's picture?

I think I've done some of both. Sometimes we will set the camera up outside with a timer and get our dog in the photo with us.

Sometimes I just get her photo, but then again, that's hard too with the yellow camera dog eyes.

Have you ever paid a professional to include your pet in the photo?

If you are comfortable, share your photos and/or layouts.

Share any other thoughts about photography pets.


Here are your answers!

One of my unproductive pitfalls is trying to make a layout "perfect". I can spend way too much time moving elements or changing fonts or whatever, instead of stepping back and saying that looks nice. Memory/photos scrapped and then move on! Tammyshere

Well, when you find out the answer, let me know!!! I NEED to be unproductive now and then. My dd says I am chained to my computer ----- always doing layouts!!! I need to just take a day now and then and---walk away!!! Turn this thing off and go out and enjoy the day----that would be my definition of an unproductive pitfall!! :o) NancyP

I spend way too much time on fonts, too. I love that there are so many free fonts out there but that makes it even harder to choose just the right one! Another pitfall for me is roaming from site to site looking for just the right kit or set of elements. By the time I'm done looking, I'm too tired to scrap! And with my designing knowledge, I tell myself that I could have made what I'm looking for, especially if it's a paper. But I still go shopping, or at least window shopping. Very unproductive! Belle33

My how identical we all are - I so agree and identify with Tammy, Nancy and Belle. I waste so much time changing papers, elements and fonts on a layout that it may take up to 3 or 4 days to say I'm finished. I always second guess myself especially when I look in the gallery and see a layout that I wished I could have designed mine as well as the other member's layout. Then I would just sigh and say oh well maybe I will do better on the next one. Ccynden

I have a problem when I am trying to find the just right element or paper. I can be searching through all my digi-supplies for quite a long time before finally getting the right one! I end up losing track of what I was looking for, or even start looking for something else entirely! I don't know how to fix that. I'm just easily distracted by pretty things! LOL JustaMommie

I'm unproductive when I have such a busy life!!!

But, when I am scrapping, I'm constantly looking for just the right way to put it together. I mean, I've been known to sometimes rewatch a video here to remind myself how to do something, (which that in and of itself is good, don't get me wrong!) and then by the time I get that technique down, my eyes need a rest, and I end up walking away from the computer. Dawn

A lot of my photos are pre-digital and although they are in albums and a 'to be scrapped' pile I can spend hours searching for a certain photo. I get waylaid as the memories flood in and I find myself just looking at the albums. I can also admit to tweaking elements, fonts etc much too often before i make my final decision on the lo. Not sure what the answer is, most of us seem to have the same problem, but perhaps putting a time limit on a project may help a1bjm

Yes just like the rest of them I can spend hours trying to find the right paper or elements then when I do find them I forget what I wanted to do or how to do it I seem to get sidetracked very easily Dawn Miner

When I'm tired or don't feel well my productivity deserts me. When I've sat around too much I get annoyed with myself. I like the challenges as they often get me going again Maggie

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