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The Fun Extras - Set Two

37. Making Digital Calendars (pdf) (link to comment)

Especially before the end of the year and the holidays, you will see a lot of advertising and sales for items to make calendars using digital scrapbooking skills.  Many of them will offer the actual calendar, but did you know that it is easy to make these on your own?

Download stickers

I could not get this audio to work well. I do apologize. It was doing some funky stuff and I tried to fix it the best I could. In addition, since I wanted this to be only 10 minutes in length so I could upload it to YouTube for my blog also, so I was rushed. (recorded way back when I could only upload 10 minute videos!) The written tutorial provides all instructions, so be sure to check it out and ask questions if you have any.

I do believe you will be surprised at how easy it is to make your own calendar template.
It's just a matter of a free download and opening up in PSE!

EXTRA Keeping Track

This is another Digital Buzz Quest.  How do you keep track of what you want to scrap?  I know some struggle with this, so why not share with each other.

How do you keep track of what is needed to be scrapped? 

Do you make a list of the layouts you need to scrap so as to not feel overwhelmed?

I do that sometimes, especially if it is a project, such as a Shutterfly book.

I do have a system on my harddrive in my folders for my camera images. I have one folder for each year, with a subfolder within entitled with an indiciation of "photos to be scrapped" Once I scrap the event, I move the photos out into the root folder.



Here are your comments!

I don't have a system at all, maybe that explains why I don't seem to get much scrapping done anymore! Maybe I should try making lists?!?! Tina M

At the moment I still have lots of room on my hard drive, so I copy photos I'm going to scrap into subfolders of a Scrapbooking Folder. JanetMM

I have no system I just scrap the photos I like Dawn Miner

My scrapping depends totally around the lessons I have to complete. Maybe that means I am not a serious scrapper which is ok in my book, but I love scrapping when I have the challenge to make me to do it, which was one of the motivations that made me join Hummie's in order to learn and take these classes. When I take a photo of my family or some occasion, I will tend to think that maybe this might make a good layout and I will tuck it away for later use. cycnden

I use Microsoft's OneNote - to capture layout ideas and list layouts I want to complete. In OneNote, I also capture copies of the photos I want to scrap. g_robb53

I keep the photos I want to scrap in events in iphoto. After I scrap them, I move them into other events such as Max and Danny, 2010 or Phoebe, 2010. When I'm making books for my grandkids, I can search the most recent photos in the 2010 folders. I keep the photos for my heritage album in their own event. belle33

I don't have a system. I save all my photos to an ehd by year/month/day. I've been thinking lately that I need to start moving the photos I use into a "scrapped" folder, but haven't done that yet. One more thing on my list of to-dos. Lol pammyj

I agree with TinaM - no system and no work done!! etw36

Not an issue for me. I just scrap whatever the mood takes me to do. Mole

No system, although it bothers me and I know I must come up with something. Right now all my layouts just go into a "Layouts" folder and on to my EHD. NancyP

being on a few CT keeps me scrapping but I only make pages I'd want IYKWIM! I won't make a page just to show off product. It has to work for me! But as for organising what i want to scrap, I just have each set of photos in its own folder on my EHD, and try and work my way system as such. I don't seem to like going back though, so I try to make sure I scrap all that I want to from a set before going on to the next! Bernie x

I have no system I do what ever comes to me.I am not very organized I just hunt for everything which is time consuming. Jules

I do have my photos organized by year, the name of folder is date w/ event. I jot down the "required" layouts that I need to do on a post it note that is stuck on the side of my monitor. Then daily I look at the post it note and get ideas of what photos/events I want to scrap. Karen Diamond

I enjoyed reading everyones I haven't address this topic at all. At this point I have tonz that I can scrap so when I finish with a lesson I go and see what photo would work. But now that I am getting more comfortable with things in PSE I think I should start looking at my photos to make a plan so that by the end of the year I can make a book of our photos I have scraped. Thanks for your ideas April

Before I started scrapping digitally, I kept a list. Now, every year is a folder with the photos broken down by month. Then I have another folder with my finished PSE by year and month, so if I'm not sure I just go look! I've been pretty good about keeping up by the month until the last few months! lulubelle

Ooh, that's a good idea! I love OneNote! I think I'll try this. I don't really have a system now, but I'm getting so many pictures on my computer that I need to come up with something. craftmomma

A lot of my photos are pre digital so I keep a plastic file on my desk for the photos that are to be scanned onto the computer. All my digital photos are stored in folders by subject matter. Any photos I want to scrap are copied into a separated folder. Even though I am quite organised I still have to look through the folders at times to find that elusive photo I can remember taking but cant find lol a1bjm

Nope, no system. I have tooooo many photos! If i made a list, I'd lose my job and still be overwhelmed and not get anything done, so i just think about what challenge i'm doing and try to find something that fits. When i download photos from my camera, i name the folder with the date i downloaded. and like others, i spend a lot of time "looking" (read, pulling my dreds out...). luvinlifegurl

No system for me. I have never used OneNote. I think I might research it today. Another good shared idea I received from being a part of hummies world. Thanks a bunch 204cg

Hmm, I have never really done anything consciously to keep track. I have my pictures on my EDH by year and month and I just go through each month and scrap whatever I feel is scrapable. Justamommie

My scrapping totally depends on how I feel, or what I wnat to do at the time. I have never thougth about scrapping in this light before. I have a look through my pictures and decide what I would like to do and find a kit to do it with. or if doing a challenge eg a template, I go look for pictures that would suit the amount of pictures required to do the template. jodyt

I am motivated to scrap by having layouts to complete because of a challenge or courses, as Cindy said. At times I see a good photo opportunity and think it might work well for a member gallery own layout or even use it in one of my deadlines. When doing a course, I do make a note and tick them off as I go... but sometimes other work ends up on top of that note. Sigh! Wildcat

I definitely need a system!! I just look at a challenge or a lesson and then randomly go through my photos until I find something that I think will work. NOT good!!!! I need to set up a photos system like Hummies---but that will mean going back YEARS!!! Good project for this year!! NancyP

My photos are stored in folders by category/then by year/then by date, on my Mac, I highlight the titles of the photos I've scrapped, so...when something isn't highlighted it means I haven't scrapped it. Pretty easy. tammyshere

I am organized in a disorganized way. I put photos into folders based on the book they are going to be in. My son has a folder, my daughter, family, specific trips, Europe years, Iceland years, each extended family has a folder. Then there is the misc. file. That one is the most fun. No pressure. When I start a lesson or a challenge, sometimes I just randomly look around for a photo or photos in there. Periodically I look through it and move some of them into their proper subject file. My layouts is where I am organized......each potential book has a file with the .tif, the .jpg, and the web size in it. I make a book each year for niece, nephew, son, and daughter, SIL, BIL. And I actually try and upload these layouts all year as I make them to Shutterfly so they are safe and ready to make a book. Right now most of my books are made and ordered and ready to wrap! My son's is not quite finished and daughter did not have much to make a book about this year. No kiddies yet. Son has 4 kids, so a lot of photos come from that house! Nanscraps

I have been using OneNote more and more and have been slowly making progress. I tried putting in my kits but have not been able to get this going very well. I make notes on the lessons I do when there is no PDF or if I have to do things differently because the video is done using older software and websites. Maggie