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The Fun Extras - Set Two

27. Using Alphabets (link to comment)

How do you utilize those alphabet files which come all in one file?  Is there any easy way? Why do alphabets come in two formats? How do you separate them when they are on one page?


Emailing Files (link to comment)

E-mailing layouts from Windows is a snap!  This lesson is an extra lesson because not everyone utilizes Windows operating system.

If you are impatient like me, you want a fast way to e-mail layouts to friends and family for feedback. Hey, that's half the fun of scrapping is seeing how others like what you have done, right?

Some people make smaller sizes of all of their layouts and keep them just for that purpose. However, after you see how fast you can e-mail them with Windows, you won't want to waste your hard drive space on those smaller versions.


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