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The Fun Extras - Set Eight


Do you ever combine Templates?


Here are your comments!

I never thought about this way, but I will try to do, it could be fun! AMarieT

I've not done it, but I've heard about it. Maybe I'll try sometime! Tammyshere

I'm not sure if this is combining templates, but I often take ideas from one or two different templates and add them to the one I'm using. I rarely keep the template as is. Belle33

Combine templates? Now that would be interesting. Have to try that sometime. NancyP

I would not have a clue on how to do that, but it would be interesting to learn how to do that. ccynden

I have never done that, nor did I know that you could!! Hmmm..... perhaps a lesson video? Dawn

Yes I have. If there are bits and pieces on page templates (and lo's) that I think would look good on my project I use them as long as the tou allow it to be altered and I always give credit to the template and designer. I hope I am ok to do this, I have always thought it was fine as long as it was for my personal use. a1bjm

Yes I have just started to mix some of my templates this is quite fun to do and the possibilities endless Dawn Miner

I have never thought of doing that. I guess it's something I will think about now. Thanks for the idea! Justamommie

No I never have. I take the easy route mostly & either use the template as is or not at all ;) Maggie

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