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The Fun Extras - Set Eight

145.Online Bible Resources

Online Bibles can be a great research for finding that perfect verse for your layout.


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Well, is a great resource, but I actually have one I like I like it because it's also an app on my phone. I can make notes and have a Bible reading plan that I can sync with the website (with an account, of course). Not only that, but you can have two different versions up parallel to compare. I love it! Dawn

I LOVE I have the app for my iphone and ipad. I can read at night after everyone else is asleep and not bother anyone and I take it to church with me. I read the bible more now that I did before. I just enjoy it better this way. JustAMommie

Thanks for this tip, Hummie. Belle33

I love youverision, too!! It's on my phone. Tammyshere

Great list! Never thought of looking on line. I just use my bible reference and look up verses in my bible. I will definitely be using these lists. Thanks!!! NancyP

Thanks for the heads up on the youversion; I had been using and the for general searching for scriptures. I do not have any of the "I" products, only my computer but it is good to know so I can pass on the information to those that have the ipads, iphones, etc. Ccynden

I am not a religious person so using quotes and verses from the bible never enter my head but I will try to bear it in mind in the future and thanks to this thread at least I will know where to start looking a1bjm

Thanks Dawn Miner

I use both YouVersion & Maggie

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