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Start with You


I have so many links and things to share with you regarding genealogy, but I thought I had best start at the beginning. Are you just beginning to work a genealogy line on your family? Where do you start? You start with you.

Yep, that's right. Begin by writing down you full name, birthdate, where you were born, when you were born, who you married, and when you were married.

Then do your children and grandchildren.

Then do your parents.

Then do your grandparents.

Then do your great-grandparents.

And keep going.

One time several years ago, after I had extensive information going far back on many lines, I decided to make some paper heritage scrapbooks as gifts. (my only traditional scrapbooking experience)

Goodness, was I surprised at the information that was attainable that I had not gathered!

So, start calling relatives and ask.

This should keep you busy a while. Have fun!

Written 1/9/2007