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6. Just a bike

If you have never seen Thena Smith's poems, then you are in for a real treat! I find so much inspiration there. Sometimes I can pull just one line out of one of her poems and it gives me inspiration to begin my journal. Sometimes it is just an idea that gives me inspiration.

Here is a poem called Just a Bike. Use all or any part of this poem to spark journaling on your page. Maybe your layout won't be about your child's first bike, but rather some other signal of the end of babyhood.

Just a Bike 
Written by Thena Smith 

It looks like any other bike
But to me it is a sign
A sign of the end of babyhood
For this little one of mine! 

She is so thrilled to proclaim
That she no longer rides a trike
But now has two big wheels
And her very first brand new bike!

She is a big girl now
And wants all the world to see
But inside this heart of mine
She's still a baby to me! 



Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!

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