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Scrapping Goal


Challenge 24 - Choose your goal based on the day.

What day is today?

Choose your goal based on the day:

Sunday: Renew your Spirit Day: Scrap Something Happy

Monday: Declutter Day: Find something on your computer not put away yet (photo or kit), put it away and use it to scrap.

Tuesday: Anti-Procrastination Day: Scrap something that you have been putting off.

Wednesday: Non-perfect Day: Scrap something and when you are done, stop; don't re-edit it!

Thursday: Lifestyle Day: Scrap something a part of your daily life.

Friday: Treat Yourself Day: Treat yourself to a hot shower or bath before you scrap and/or get a fun snack or drink to enjoy while you scrap.

Saturday: Fun Day: Have fun shopping for something new or looking for a new freebie and use it in your layout.


Here are your digital scrapbooking layouts!




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