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River Campus at SEMO University and Riverfront Bridge Park

Cape Girardeau and Mississippi River after Snowstorm February 16, 2021

This video features other areas of the city, but includes the area of the Riverfront Bridge Park started at 58 seconds through 1.41 seconds.

River Campus and Riverfront Bridge Park 2008, 2009, 2017

Locals call this place "Cape River Campus" and it has a lot of local history. It is located at 518 S. Fountain St, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi River and near the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge that crosses into Illinois. The River Campus is owned by Southeast Missouri State University and is dedicated to the arts. Many local events are held here for the community.

St. Vincent’s College and Seminary was founded in 1838 for education, but especially young men aspiring to be priests. In 1843, the first cornerstone to the first building of the Seminary was laid. In 1871 a three-story west wing was added for dormitory space and to create a chapel and lecture room. Due to declining enrollments, the Seminary almost closed in the 1890's. About 1910 the school redefined itself and became a preparatory school for priesthood. The buildings became unoccupied in the early 1980's until it was purchased by the University in 1998. The River Campus took years to complete until the grand opening of the entire facility was held Oct. 23, 2007.

I remember the old pickle ball handball court and walking around it wondering what the brick wall was used for. This is a photo from 2008 of the wall. I do not know if I ever took any photos of it at any other time.

I think it was a sad thing when the University decided to destroy the pickle ball wall.

Next and behind the River Campus is the Old Mississippi River Bridge Scenic Overlook (also called Riverfront Bridge Park). When the new Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge was built and opened in December 2003, they left part of the old bridge that was completed in the summer of 1928 ( hailed as “The Gateway to the Ozarks.”) which is an excellent overlook of the river and the new bridge. There is a viewing scope at the overlook. There is limited parking, but this is a perfect place to take a short stroll on the "River Campus Trail." Although owned by two different entities, the commemorative overlook and the trail seem as one and are open to the public.


February 16, 2021

October 29, 2017

To see all of the photos in this collection, see the above slideshow video.

This photo shows the commemorative bridge built in 1928. The overlook is straight ahead past the small parking area.

January 28, 2009

Some of my favorite photos are taken at the River Campus and Riverfront Bridge Park. These are an amazing collection from the 2009 ice storm. See the above slideshow video for all of the photos.

November 2, 2008

 I have always loved this collection of photographs. They have changed a lot of the landscape since I took these photos and many of the beautiful trees and the beautiful steps are gone now. I sort of miss them! These are not all of the photos and you can see them all in the above video slideshow.

I remember a cemetery nearby, but I cannot place where it is located now. Did they move it?

Pssst... this hill is also fun to sled down!

The river was high.

To the right you can see the commemorative remains of the old Mississippi River bridge.


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