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Von Jakob Winery & Brewery

Von Jakob Winery & Brewery is on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and I have been here many times as it is not far from Alto Vineyards, which is the closest one from Cape Girardeau. It is a good place and very popular, but for me that makes it less desirable as I like to escape from the crowds. We do stop by if we are on the wine trail. The best part of the place is the deck outside and the view of the field beyond. I am that outdoor girl! I have been here a lot but it seems I do not take many photos of them or they get tucked into a "monthly" photo album where I cannot find them. They do have a lot of events, so if that is something you are interested in, I suggest getting on their email list.

These photos are from October 30, 2011, when we went on an Autumn outing to see the outdoor colors and this view did not disappoint! This is a panorama.