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Alto Vineyards

Alto Vineyards is on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail and we have been there many times, although I only find photos for it from a few years. Other photos are probably in general photo folders by month. It is located at 8515 Highway 127 in Alto Pass, Illinois. It is the closes one from our drive from Cape Girardeau and that is why it usually ends up on our visit list when we hit the wine trail. They do get rather busy with crowds of folks and I like to stay away from the crowds. However, they do have nice seating areas outdoors which we love including an upper and lower deck and a pavilion and gazebo. If crowds are your thing, they do plan and hold lots of fun events.


The above and below photos were taken when I visited with a friend who had never hit this wine trail before.

I found this leaf at the table and the texture and shape really caught my attention. I really like the simple things!



In 2016 we visited for an event, the Solar Eclipse Pre-party. We had a lot of fun getting out later at night and there was a huge telescope there for us to observe with some professionals to learn from.

I love using my Skyguide phone app and I preserved this so I would remember what we were looking at.

I remember we spent some time indoors this time as well as they have a nice seating area. We did spend time a little bit everywhere that evening in a variety of places.

The sky does change throughout the night. We saw lots of planets that night.

I see we went to the pavalion and got away from the crowds. Typical us!




It seems the first time we visited was in 2011 and the place has expanded and changed a lot since 2011.