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LaRue-Pine Hills Inspiration Point

LaRue-Pine Hills Natural Area is not too far of a drive where we live in Cape Girardeau and the hike is short and the view is fabulous, making it a great day trip. However, right below the road to the right is Snake Road which is also famous as the snakes cross the road twice a year and you won't find me there anywhere near those times of the year! Crossing the bridge at Cape, travel north on Highway 3, going 8 miles north of Highway 146. Turn right onto Muddy Levee Road and travel 3 miles to LaRue Road where the road T's. Turn right for Winters Pond parking area and turn left for Snake Road, or drive .6 miles to Pine Hills Road. Take the Inspiration Point trailhead for the spectacular bluff view. These photos are from our visit on October 9, 2016.


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