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Hanover Quonset Hut

The Hanover Lutheran Church Quonset Hut had a lot of history and a lot of memories for many folks in Cape Girardeau. I was in it many times for church dinners, youth group meetings, cub scout meetings (as I was the leader), the annual sausage supper, and even for a few family events such as a birthday party, and so much more. Long before my time however, I heard many people talk about how it was the place to hang out on the weekends to roller skate.

A Quonset Hut was a prefabricated building meant to go up quickly at a nominal cost during the world wars. I do not think it was ever supposed to last as long as this one did. The date on the properties of my video is June 13, 2008. It was shortly before the Quonset Hut was razed, although I do not have the exact date. I do not have the history on when the building was built. The above video walks you through the entire Quonset Hut. I know I should have photos of the inside somewhere in my photo stashes, but they are buried well. Maybe some day I can marry them up with this page.

There are some skates that were used in days begone in the musuem collection in the Old Hanover Schoolhouse.

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