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Cave Spring or Hunters Spring

Cave Spring is known as Hunters Spring (because it is in Hunter, Missouri) by locals and is north of Grandin, Carter County, Missouri. We visited on June 3, 2023. It is one of those spots that you have to hear about from locals or happen about a social media sharing to know about. We thought it was a super cool little hidden gem. From Hunter, Missouri which is on Highway 21, turn down Highway E and then right onto County Road 236. After turning, do not make a left, but continue straight. It was obvious to us when we got there as there is parking and the road bottoms out there. The trail is to the right of the parking area and is rather a short trail. You can tell where to go if you listen to the sound of the water. You can see the part of it from the parking area if you walk over and look up stream. This is such a peaceful place to hang out and discover a bit of peace for a while, provided there is no one else around. There were people there when we got there and people coming in when we left.

As you walk along the trail you will spy this concrete or brick wall which is left over from a mill that used to be here.

We wore our shoes that go from land and into water and so we were able to walk over the water to get to the other side to enter the cave. It was a little slick, but not too hard. We we arrived there was some children playing in the very cold water.

This is the view as I was walking across. It makes me wonder what it was like back in the day when they had a mill here and folks came here every day to work. Wouldn't it be awesome to work in a place like this every day? There is this stone wall in the cave and it directs the water through a hole that makes that wonder moving water sound we all love.

Behind the wall the water seems as if it is not moving at all is although you cannot tell it from this image, the water is crystal clear. There must be a spring up in the cave where the water is coming from.

I suppose because of the way the sunlight is able to hit it, the water looks blue when it reaches the other side of the wall.


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