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Taum Sauk Mountain State Park


We have been to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, Iron County, Missouri, several times, but I found photos for two of those times. Both times we walked on the Mini Sauk Falls Trail. The cool thing about Taum Sauk is that it is the highest point in Missouri, although you wouldn't know it when there as it feels rather flat on the mountaintop. The trail is 2.9 miles which is at the top range of my physical ability and every time I've done this trail, I feel like I can barely make it out. I think our sons were young the first time we did it and we arrived close to dusk and it was dark before we got out and I remember that creeping me out like some forest animal was watching us.


Other than the falls, there is a fabulous view of the mountains along the trail. I like the people in the photo for perspective. In 2009, we took our son and is now wife, and our middle son.

The trail is rocky and difficult to walk on almost the whole way.

This is Mini Sauk Falls. In the summer months it does not run as much as it does after a Spring rain.

They got in anyway and splashed about!


In 2004 I took my sons, neice and nephew, and friend camping and this was one of the trails we did.

Fabulous view!

Every time I have been the Falls have not been running strongly, although they are there.

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