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Dillard Mill State Historic Site

Dillard Mill State Historic Site August 9, 2021

This video is of our visit on August 9, 2021. We stayed less than a mile away at Pine Valley.

Dillard Mill State Historic Site, June 15, 2018

Dillard Mill State Historic Site is located at 142 Dillard Mill Rd, Davisville, Crawford County, Missouri. It is privately owned, but state-administered property. The mill is on Huzzah Creek and is a water-powered gristmill. This location is a popular place for photographers. You can see from the video slideshow that I struggled with exposure. More light was right for the building and less light was better for the sky. I could not get both to cooperate in the same photo.

We first visited Dillard Mill for a quick walk around on June 15, 2018. I remember it well because we had given some vet prescribed mediation to one of our dogs for the first time to help her travel without crying the entire way. The medications dehydrated her. It was a hot day and she stopped walking and collapsed to the ground. We found some water to give her, but that did not help, so we had to carry her 20 lbs around and were anxious to get her back to the air conditioned vehicle. It messed with our enjoyment of the site a bit as we could not linger for a while.

This is where the trail crosses the water. It continues on the other side of this stream, so be prepared by wearing shoes that can go in water and on land. It is not deep. It does not look like a trail on the other side, but I finally figured out that this is where the trail goes. We were prepared with the right shoes, but did not know. I think it should be marked as such. We tried to see if we could access it from the other side of the building, but there is a gate blocking it there to private property.

August 9, 2021

These are photos from our visit in 2021 as can be see in the above video.

You can see by this map that the trail continues across the Huzzah Creek. I really wish we would have crossed and explored!

Here you can see where you need to cross to access the trail. We had wandered around everywhere looking for it! They need a sign.

I love the millstone by the steps.



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