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Fort A, Cape Girardeau

We visited Fort A on July 4, 2019, which is located at 205 Bellevue St, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I believe this is on private property, but the owners allow you to park for a short period to visit and see the fabulous view. Hopefully everyone will continue to respect the owners and stay off their property so that we can continue to visit.

Cape Girardeau was an important location, so Grant approved four forts named, Fort A, B, C, and D. How original, huh?! Cape Girardeau had a population of 2,663 in the 1860 census. Fort A and D were used to defend the city against Confederate gunboats along the Mississippi River attempting to interupt federal troops hauling supplies up from the river landing. This drawing is a colorized version of a print that first appeared in the September 28, 1861 edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. The wooden windmill (a gristmill) preexisted Fort A and was said to be the busiest place in town. It burned in 1865 or 1866.

These photos were take August 24, 2016, with my phone.

I love the barge on the Mississippi River is in these photos, as well as the bridge.

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