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Shawn Nature Reserve

Shaw Nature Reserve May 3, 2019

Shaw Nature Reserve May 24, 2019

Shaw Nature Reserve is operated by the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, and is located at Gray Summit, Franklin County, Missouri. It was formerly known as Shaw Arboretum. This 2,400 acres private non-profit nature reserve is an example of natural wildflowers and landscape whereas the Botanical Gardens are formal landscape. I absolutely love this place! I wish it were close to my home. There is so much to see and explore here as the place just goes on and on with trails here and there.

I visited twice in 2019. The first time was on May 3, 2019, by myself on my way to a women's retreat. Then my husband had to see it so we came back the same month on May 24, 2019! We did visit different places in the reserve, so the above slideshows are very different.



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