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August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area

We visited the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area on May 6, 2023 when we drove past it going to the Daniel Boone Home Historic Site and made an impromptu visit. It is located at 2360 Hwy D, St. Charles, St. Charles County, Missouri. It is a huge area with many lakes all labeled by a number. It is a fisherman's haven. You could fish in a different place for many days in a row. I could also hike around any of the lakes and there are a few trails as well, so those who like to walk for exercise that live nearby could come daily as well and enjoy the area.

This Conservation Area is in memory of August Busch. August Adolphus Busch IV is well known around the St. Louis area as he was the CEO of Anheuser-Busch and the last of the family to control the company which was purchased in a hostile takeover in 2008 by InBev.

This is a very short meandering through the butterfly garden at the conservation building.

We took the Fallen Oak Trail behind the conservation building which is a short trail and we took even the shorter route as we had lots of walking planned for the day. There were signs of Eagle projects all over the park, including these blinds for viewing birds at feeders behind the blinds.

The long loop is .7 of a mile, so the short is even shorter.

There were native flowers everywhere around the conservation building and parking lot which we enjoyed a lot.

There are numbers up to 38 for the lakes at August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area, so I guess there are 38 lakes! It is a fisherman's dream! You could do a new lake for over a month! I read in the pamphlet though that only 27 of them are fishable lakes and ponds, but that is still a lot!

I thought that most of the lakes could be walked around as well, so if you like to take walks and lived nearby, you could go on a different walk each day for over a month!

There were these strange buildings all over the place. The looked like long huts similar to the quonset huts we have been in. The fronts are concrete and then it is a long concrete tube covered with earth to make an earthen mound. They are used for storage now and I wonder if that is the purpose they were originally built for.

As we were driving out we spotted this boardwalk to a blind. This place could be a photographer's dream too.

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