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St. Joe State Park

We visited St. Joe State Park on July 3, 2021, located at 2800 Pimville Rd, Park Hills, Missouri, near the hills of the Saint Francois Mountains. It is at the tip of what is considered the Ozark mountains. What a fabulous trail! It is 1 1/2 hour drive from our home, but worth the trip every so often to do this trail. The trail is 12.5 miles, but the jaunt to and from the parking lot and the extra down to the mines made it exactly 14 miles. I had not previously visited St. Joe because it is known for off-road vehicle trail system which is really awesome, but since we do not own an off road vehicle, and those vehicles are noisy, I have stayed away. I would love to ride in one though or even own one as I think it would be fun! There is a camping area, but with all the off-road vehicles, it is not somewhere I want to stay unless I have one also. However, the bike trail was awesome and I would certainly take a ride up to the park again and ride that trail.

The trail goes right by the Missouri Mines Historic Site, so if you camp here, you can easily drive over and take that tour.

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