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Bagnell Dam

Bagnell Dam | Lock and Dam No 24 - October 1, 1988

This video was taken by my Grandpa and his second wife Mary. I think Grandpa inadvertently muted this one! But it is cool nonetheless. Bagnell Dam is located in Lake Ozark, Miller County, Missouri.

Watch the video (Fall Colors, Fulton, Jefferson City,) Bagnell Dam October 17, 1987 around 15 minutes in and it shows the drive into Bagnell Dam, but the tape skips as they go in to them leaving the dam, so it is mostly about the drive, but it may interest you to see an older video.

( Tom Sawyer boat tour, Lake of the Ozarks and) Bagnell Dam, October 1, 1989

This video by my Grandpa and Mary is a view of Bagnell Dam from the boat tour on the water.

I have only been across the Bagnell Dam once and it was a quick drive over and back. I now know that the Bagnell Dam was special to my Grandpa because I have some very old photos of it that I will add to this page. Grandpa and his Dad worked for Union Electric before it was U.E. and I believe one or both of them had a part in the building of the Dam. They seemed to visit it often.

These are some photos from my trip on June 13, 2015.

It did not seem to exciting to me at the time, but I see from Grandpa's videos there is so much more and I need to try to go back.

Somewhere along the roadside was this stand of beautiful wildflowers and I remember pulling off the highway and actually getting out to take photos.


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