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Hemman Winery & Brazeau

We visiti the Hemman winery in Brazeau, Perry County, Missouri, as a day trip from Cape Girardeau. It is a tad of a distance, but a nice time out whenever we go. Brazea is a small town so the winery is easy to find. At Christmas time they have the Brazeau Old Fashioned Christmas Walk, Brazeau, Missouri which is worth a visit. You see some of the photos from the Christmas walk on this page from 2017, but they also snuck into the above slideshow. There are also photos from 2011, 2016, and 2019. There are a few photos below that are included in the above slideshow.


There are several old original buildings still standing in the town.

I remember that during this year I had fun taking photos of these bottles in the light coming through the window.


I remember that this visit we sat outside by ourselves and there was a building in the distance that I visited and I really enjoyed playing with my camera taking photos of that setting.


I believe we visited twice in 2017. We visited during this even to sit by the fire outside and at first I was intimidated by the group of strangers, but everyone was so nice and I felt included and welcomed. I think everyone there that evening, all strangers, felt that way. It was a nice evening. I usually shy away from crowds of folks.


Sometimes they have music and we visit for that, but this time we visited just to enjoy their newer indoor space and to taste their food. It is often crowded at Hemman Winery. It seems either hit or miss on the crowds. This day it was crowded, but we managed to find a little space of our own. You cannot see the people on either side of us in these photos.

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