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Old Hanover Lutheran School

Old Hanover Lutheran School is a 1923 one-room schoolhouse that sits next to Old Hanover Lutheran Church. Across the street is the newer and current Hanover Lutheran Church located at 2949 Perryville Rd, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The schoolhouse is also a museum of artifacts from this Church and other churches in the area.

The school is only open during special events are by appointment.

This says wooden clock from steeple on old Trinity Lutheran in Cape Girardeau (1890's).

This is a replica of the First Hanor Church/School near the corner of Melrose & Delwin. The building had two rooms, the main sanctuary and the living quarters in the back for the Paster.Notice there were no backs on the pews; the church was also used as the school. On Sundays during worhsip service, the peole faced the altar, but on Monday through Friday, the students faced the door. There are more photos from inside this replica in the above video slideshow.

This is the alter from old Trinity Church, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This alter was installed in 1929 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the congregation (1854). In February 1987, the Trinity congregation placed the alter in the Hanover history center for use and/or display.

Back in the day, it was a common activity for folks to come to the Quaonset Hut which was in the parking lot of the new building across the street to roller skate. I have been in that building and I took a video of it before it was gorn down. It was not where the new Activity Center that stands today is located, but rather on the other end of the parking lot. They saved some of the old roller skates.

I remember having fans like this in church even when I was growing up in the 70's! I kind of like them.

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