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Seven Springs Winery

We visited Seven Springs Winery on June 13, 2015. It is located at 846 Winery Hills Estate, Linn Creek, Camden County, Missouri. We took a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks and stopped here. I did not post it, but there are some short clip videos of us on the patio with some music.

I took a lot of photos of my Miss Tizzy on the table. She was in the habit of sitting quietly in her bag on the table and not distrubing anyone. Often the waitresses would be shocked when they finally spied her.

Miss Tizzy always crosses her paws like a little lady.

She looks so tired though!

Ria Skye stays on the floor.

There is the guy singing on the patio.

I am not sure where it came form, but there were bubbles! This lady got up to photography them.

Then it started to rain! Rain always makes a day fun. You can see they have tables further down in the yard.

We always stroll in the vineyards.

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