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Brazeau Old Fashioned Christmas Walk


12/2/2017 We had a wonderful time at the Brazeau old fashioned Christmas walk. We were glad we went. The super moon is due to peek the next night, but it was still fabulous this night. I wish I had a higher focal length camera lens, but I played with what I do have. We could not take our eyes off the moon as we traveled and I spotted this scene. We pulled off on a country road somewhere off Highway C and I took this photo with the silhouette of the tree.

This is the best I could do with my camera. I have lens envy when I see everyone else's photos online.

This is the church and what used to the be parsonage. Both were opened for touring. The parsonage is now used for the children's message and there were cookies for cookie decorating and other children's activities in the building. I just enjoyed seeing the layout of the old building with it's three rooms on the main level in a circular pattern.

This is the inside of the church. We were here at about 5:30 and I understand at 6:00 p.m. they had a musical performance.

I did not take as many photos as I now wish I had to tell the story of the wonderful evening. I had not at the time planned on writing this. This is the view from the church looking into the sunset. The sunset was just as fabulous as the moon and was gone so quickly. I did not want to go inside, but we did anyway. To the right in this photo is the gymnasium building where the crafts were displayed. I did buy some tea from my favorite tea company and was delighted to see them there. I also bought a silver wind chime for the patio. The one we have is ready to be recycled.

Further down the road on the right in this photo is the old school house which is now a museum. There was a live nativity with animals here. I did not take any photos because there were people in current day clothing standing and talking to the people in the live nativity. It would not have been a good photo.

My favorite part was the hundreds of candles. That sure did take some work on the volunteers! Wow! Each large candle was in a gallon milk jug.

The candles lit the way. At first we were not sure what buildings we were allowed to go into, but finally realized that we were to follow the path of the candles and were allowed to walk into any of the buildings along the path.

Seen at the end of the lane in this photo is the old bank. There were many different Christmas trees decorated in this building. There were too many people for me to take a photo. To the left is Hemman Winery. We have been here many times in the past.

To the right next to the bank were two old buildings in which the "night in Bethlehem" was set up, as shops that would have been in Bethlehem the night Jesus was born. There were people in period costume and we were offered samples of food and drink.

Next to these two buildings was the Aunt Carries Tea House. As a tea lover, I was especially interested in sitting down for tea, but the small building was crowded. There was one seat available for us, but hubby was not interested. In addition, it was a free-will offering, which was fabulous, but we had no cash on hand. This would just have to wait to give us something new next time.

Next to the tea house were two old houses for touring. I did take a few photos of this one. Isn't it lovely?

Table-scape is always photogenic, although I'm not sure how I would see the guest across from me if I were sitting here for dinner.

Hubby especially liked the kitchen. He said it reminded him of exactly how his Grandma Kent's kitchen on Hill Street used to look like. He always talks about the cabinets like this one when we see them in antique stores and he once again said this was exactly like Grandma's cabinet, as well as the stove. He has such fond memories of her kitchen.

There were two houses across from the old houses that were decorated really nice. We especially liked how both had a shadow cast on the house. This one was of the word "joy" and the other one had a nativity shadow cast on the wall. I love the moon over the house, which was not captured by my camera as I remember it in person.

This is a view of the old school house which is now a museum. There was a dancing santa on the porch which was a huge hit. He really wiggled his hips! I stood there a while and delighted in the smiles and dancing of several young children who were dancing with santa. To the right is the live nativity and the road that lead to the church. There is that moon again.

We went inside the winery. Barely. It was so crowded it was difficult to navigate about. All of the seats were full. We managed to buy a bottle of wine and some spinach dip and pita bread. What a fabulous ending to our night sitting around the fire with complete strangers chatting and laughing.

By the time we left the crowds had moved on and I stood in the middle of the street taking photos. I was glad that we had stayed so late to enjoy this view of all the candles down the highway and down the path to the gymnasium and church and parsonage. This photo is two images put together and, although the back lined up perfectly, the roadway in the front did not. I still loved the perspective.

This is just one image and I absolutely love it. You can see from this angle how the star on the church and the manger scene in the field line up.

This is also one photo, but I cropped off the road in the foreground. We loved how the lights on the house on the right also were glistening.

Here is the star on the church and the nativity scene close up. I wonder if whoever put them out planned this scene together or if it is just something my camera eye caught.


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