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Falls Branch Falls

I hope you enjoy this video of photos and short snippets of the sights and sounds of Falls Branch Falls.

Falls Branch is the name of the river so when referencing the falls, there is a fun repeat in the name of "Falls Branch Falls." We went on March 30, 2018, after two days of good rain. I do not know if the falls are as large in drier seasons as this was our first visit. The land is privately owned, but there was no "keep out" or "no trespassing sign," but rather a fence line that clearly set forth the area shared with the public and is generally known as open to the public. There were signs of party-goers everywhere, such as trash, broken glass, and drink containers. I had a desire to get a trash bag to start clean up efforts. It makes me hope that some individuals do not in the future ruin for others the ability to visit this amazing spot. However, on the Saturday morning that when we arrived we were all alone and had a peaceful and enjoyable time.

The road was partly covered with water so we stuck with safety and parked the car, although we later saw other cars driving through the water. To the left side of the road was a creek with many small waterfalls which we waded up. It was only 50 degrees and our feet were cold, but that did not seem to matter.

From where I stopped walking I could hear a change in the flow of the water and noticed that the water was flowing into this hole. I wondered if it were a man-made drain or if the water was flowing down into a cave.

To the right side of the road was a path that went along the creek (it seemed the two creeks met each other at the road) where we found the large waterfall. We laid down on the rocks and listened to the water for a while with the sunshine on our faces. This is a panoramic image put together with 8 photos.

The circular area at the bottom of the big falls was intriguing and I wondered if it were a collapsed cave as this area is known for having many caves.

There was a fence that was an obvious boundary which we respected. I could imagine some wanting to hop over the boundary to try to make the dangerous climb to the bottom of the falls to get that perfect photograph from below. I am hoping no one is disrespectful of the owners and risks the danger.

To get to Falls Branch Falls, take the Brewer exit off of Highway 55 (I think it is exit 135) and travel East on Highway M to Highway 61. Turn right onto Highway 61 for a short distance until turning left onto Highway M again. Turn left onto PCR 910 (Perry County Road 910). There is an obvious tree line that follows the river that lets you know that you have arrived. There is a small parking area for a couple of cars.

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