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Charleston Dogwood-Azalea Festival

Written April 24, 2014. Festival date April 21, 2014. I have always wanted to attend the Dogwood-Azalea Festival in Charleston, Missouri, but have never been able to go because of soccer games, or basketball games, or boy scout camping, or band competitions, or birthday parties, or whatever else was going on in our family life.

Finally, becoming an empty nester, I was able to visit. It has been a really cold spring, so the Azaleas were not in full bloom, although I did see some. The Dogwood trees were gorgeous though.

We visited the booths and bought a few crafts, but are tucking them away as gifts. It is good to buy when you see something rather than wonder when the time comes what to get.

We had a great time, but did not stay for the evening glow and I'm a bit sad that we did not do so, but maybe that will leave something for next year.

I had not eaten all day. Hubby would not eat the carnival food. There are really no good restaurants in the small town, so we went the the local mexican restaurant after a recommendation that it was the best place to eat and really the only restaurant, other than some more bar-like places. It was 4:30 p.m. and I was getting tummy grumpy. We sat down and hubby ordered cheese sauce for our chips, as always, while I went to the bathroom. The waiter came and asked us for our drink order and hubby said, "I don't know" and the waiter walked away and never came back.

Other people came and got their drink and food orders while we sat munching on the chips. Finally, another waiter asked us if we had gotten our drinks and we gave him our order and once again ordered the cheese sauce. After being there about a half hour, never receiving our cheese sauce or drinks, we finally just walked out. I had grown weary of reading a menu with dried food about it. I was so mad, I just drove on home rather than staying for the candle glow that lined the streets. I got to see them putting out the bags and could imagine it, but there really was not much left for us to do for a few more hours until dusk, so I guess it was best. Next time we'll go later in the day and stay for the glow.

I had a wonderful time with my camera though and really wanted to walk the streets more and take more photos, but I still got a lot of pretty photos, like this one.

There was a petting zoo tent and this guy enjoyed posing for my camera. You may see him again. :)

I was framing up this photo of an azalea bush when this yellow car drove right into the shot and stopped at the stop sign! Ah! It made for a perfect contrast! I've already used this for a "sayings" graphic.

So many to choose from! Okay, here's one.

They had the "Show Me Swines Pig Races" and while hubby held our place in line waiting for the surry ride, I ran over to take some photos. It was more about the "show" with the people and making it fun for the children, so I had few photo opportunities. Now that I have seen it though, I know where to stand next time for better photos. It was also difficult for me with people in the way too.

From where I was standing, the best view was of their behinds. Giggle.

I had the perfect shot of this little guy kissing the horse, but missed it by a few seconds, if only his mom had not pulled him away, I would have had the most adorable photo to email to her. He put both hands around the horse's snoot and bent over and kissed it square between the nostrils. I suppose that photo op will have to remain a memory in my head.

There's just something about a horse's tail that draws the camera frame. Ah!

Yeah, the same with wheels. They are such a magnet for my camera frame.

Who is that crazy couple getting ready to go on a relaxing ride through dogwood and azalea covered streets?

Leftover tulips still blooming too!

Weeping willows have always been a favorite tree of mine. I like them, but I'm not sure I would want one in my yard.

Pink and white!

So pretty!

The two main streets which encompassed the way to go were one way, leading in a big circle, and the road was marked with pink arrows so that we would know we were on the "trail." That was kind of fun.

We had just as much fun looking at all the nice houses as we did the flowers.

When we first arrived, there were people in fancy chairs sitting out in front of their houses and I wanted to join them. These chairs are not as fancy as others, but you get the idea.

I bet the azaleas will really be in bloom this weekend, rather than last weekend, but they were trying!

Our surry ride is over and our horse says goodbye.

The bumble bee was showing off for my camera lens.

Threes are always better.

On our way into tour a historic home.

I wanted to sit for a spot of tea!

There was an amazing view from the porch and this is just one of the many windows there. I took a lot of photos of the clothing for textures, but I'll spare you all those photos.

It was really beautiful in the house.

Photo op! Hand the camera to strangers! Okay, they asked first with their camera of them. lol


I spent some time take photos of flowers standing under the tree looking up.

Oh, those were the porch windows which we could have just sat and watched the view of the flowering trees forever.

I hope you like flowers as I'm sharing a lot of them!

I found some Wild Sweet William next to an Azalea which was calling out to be photographed.

Yep, more flowers in the air!

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, that is, if you have reached the end and are reading this. Thanks for looking!

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