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East Perry Community Fair, Altenburg

The East Perry Community Fair in Altenburg, Perry County, Missouri, is known for its mule jumping and grilled cheese sandwiches. This annual event is self-dubbed the "Best Little Fair In The Land." I had never seen mule jumping before and was anxious to visit on September 24, 2016. The fair is at 200 Church Street Altenburg, Missouri. Most of the below photos are of the mule jumping because I found it an oddity to watch and the fact that the crowds were so big to watch a mule jump over a wall was dumbfounding. Some mules go right over. Others walk up to the fence and you can see it in the photo as they say "uh, no!" The coaxing and intense expressions of the owners trying to convince them to go over the wall are entertaining. Please enjoy the photos!

That happy look of "oh yes, cooperation!"

Please. No!

Look at that lean! This is a physical sport!

Uh. No.

You want me to do what? Absolutely not! Just to turn them around in the right direction is step one.

I can see the gentle kindness for his animals in these photos.

We did try the famous grilled cheese sandwich. It was nothing extraordinary than what is made at home, but it was fun anticipating that it might be!