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2 Corinthians 4:15-18

Weighted burdens vs. Eternal Weight of Glory


I wanted to do some bible journaling pages after the passing of my granddaughter and did not know where to start. There were so many wonderful verses shared during her six day journey on this earth and even more after her passing. I was stuck because I could not choose. Then I saw someone else post this verse and it just hit me to start with it.

I struggled with the layout, first it looking dark and gloomy and then just not pleasing. This is what I finally arrived at.

I like the blue at the top dripping down as if it is our weighted burdens and then the blue at the bottom as the sky, sun, and birds transitioned into hope.

I wanted to portray the deep despair opposite the deep joy, thinking dark and light colors, but I could never make that work with my artistic limited abilities.

I can usually do these in about 2 hours, but I think I spent a little too long trying to bring the page together and it took me about 4 hours this time.  Time spent in God's word is always good time spent!  I think I even forgot to eat supper!