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Ecclesiastes 4:7 - 12


9/13/14 Once again, I am finding I love this Bible art journaling (the digital kind).  I am amazed at how long I can sit and contemplate just a few verses.  All of the text on this image came from my thoughts as I studied these scriptures.

God created me to live in relationship with Him and with others. This relationship can be visualized in the lines of the cross, with the vertical line to heaven and the horizontal line to others. What a friend we have in Jesus! The third strand of the cord is Jesus between the other two strands of a relationship. A relationship should serve God and serve others together. No man is an island!


I struggle with relationships.  I struggle with people throwing me away for reasons unknown to me and relationships being tied into an unbroken knot. What makes me such a bad person, I think. Sometimes I want to give up on working on relationships all together and just be someone alone like a secluded hermit, being antisocial and withdrawn. Then God's Word reminds me that I am created for relationships. Then I reflect on my life and I see all the friendships I do have that have endured time and I know how blessed I am.  I do not give up on the fickle relationships and continue to work on them, but it is important not to let them get me down when focusing on them, realizing how many times the strong friendships have been there for me in times of need.  When I made this graphic, I pulled positive thoughts out from the pondering of the Bible verses and then considered the opposite to put below along the edge of the layout.