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Ephesians 5:14 - Awake, O' Sleeper


I haven't created art in so long I was craving it. I wanted to do something, but what? I decided to go to an evening of poetry at STĀ with BiG Brother Alexand Jonathan The Wordsmith and greatly enjoyed myself. Every time a phrase jumped out at me, I jotted it down. When I got home, I randomly picked one and started creating and this is what I came up with.

I was sick for 3 weeks in October and it felt like the whole month I was not sleeping with all the coughing and hacking. Then I was sleeping so much I couldn't get up in the morning. Then I wasn't sleeping because of "momma's little hot boxes" aka my dogs. Then I wasn't sleeping because of acid reflux. Then I wasn't sleeping because of things on my mind. I am really craving a good normal sleep and awake time, so this phrase jumped out at me. It has little to do out of context from the poem's meaning. However, pulled together with Ephesians 5:14, the randomness of art came together.


Puzzle pieces together, it has nothing to do with sleeping through the night and everything to do with not sleeping in faith towards death, but waking up with joy to let Christ's light shine on and through you. I was not sleeping, I was awoken by the authentic and true saving grace of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


I have more phrases and hope to do another one of these soon. It's crazy how inspiration totally unrelated comes together to create a new concept as I put things on a page.